Raiders QB Weighs In On Washington’s Name Change

Thanks to a massive movement brought on by terrible injustices, there are changes taking place across America. The updating of outdated or insensitive team names and mascots is no exception.

Whether you care for the Washington Redskins as a team or not, it’s irrelevant as their name has been under criticism for decades. The root of the criticism can be traced to the offensive undertone of the word “redskin” in relation to Native Americans. Now, with a sea of changes engulfing the nation, from bringing down Confederate statues to renaming institutions, Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr of all people, shined some humor to the situation.

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Via Carr’s Twitter account, the Raiders’ signal-caller offered up a new name suggestion for Washington’s football team.

For those of you who might not be familiar with the reference, the Sentinels were Washington’s fictional team in the film “The Replacements.” Regardless of how you feel about Carr as the Raiders quarterback, this was quite an entertaining suggestion. Raider Nation ran with it as expected on Twitter.


The Possums

It’ll be an interesting development to see what direction Washington’s organization decides to go in. After all, in times like these, humor is what helps us stay level-headed as people. Carr has been the subject of relentless criticism due to his religious beliefs as well as his on-field performance or lack thereof. To bring humor in what is a tense time period was refreshing even if it was for just a moment.

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*Top Photo: Ben Margot/Associated Press

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Perhaps some Indians consider it a compliment that they have to be “Redskins” to be feared and intimidating, kinda like Lion or Tigers,bears, wolverine’s,some folks get upset about things that are just so trivial. Does the name”ladybug” hurt women’s feelings because it might mean they look like “bugs”

Kevin T. Bessellieu

I went see the raiders play redskins two years ago and Carr played like a redskins more a raider he killed my trip,no heart in crunch time!

Jeremy Champ

Injustice?.. really? Ask the majority of native Americans.. they could care less! Stupid! Just like your article..


Absolute liberal pandering!