Fans Spoke Into Existence Raiders DC Paul Guenther Getting Fired

After another embarrassing display by the Las Vegas Raiders defense, fans are in unison with regards to their displeasure for Paul Guenther.

Raider Nation has had enough, they wanted the current defensive shot-caller gone. Can we honestly blame them for feeling this way towards the beset coordinator? For as much ado that’s been made of the offensive improvements, the defense has definitely faltered. There’s been virtually no improvement with the unit, in fact, the defensive line has regressed this season statistically speaking.

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So The Raiders Finally Pulled The Trigger…

People often associate overreactions with fans and people not thinking rationally, but this is different. Fans, media, writers, and anyone who sees football logically can see Guenther was the problem. Or rather, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden didn’t want to see the problem or, perhaps, simply refused to fire his friend. Either way, Raider Nation has had enough and it seemed so did the Raiders organization.

What Were Fans Saying After The Games?

Raider Nation had plenty to say after posing the question on Twitter, as always, they delivered. So now that Guenther is out, now what happens? Let us know your thoughts now that defensive line coach Rod Marinelli will handle coordinator duties in these final games.

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*Top Photo: L.E. Baskow/Las Vegas Review-Journal

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6 thoughts on “Fans Spoke Into Existence Raiders DC Paul Guenther Getting Fired”

  1. Waited a little too late for firing DC Guenther this should of been done awhile back. With 4 games remaining now hopefully we can pull some wins. I’m happy of decision Raiders 4LIFE just tired of losing embarrassing games.❤🏈

  2. It wasn’t just lack of execution. It was lack of discipline. No sense of urgency. Lack of adjustments, etc. What has been almost ignored is player development: Collins, Joyner, Littleton, Nassib, etc. A long time coming. Now we can move forward, and play complimentary football!

  3. Marinelli runs a very simple scheme. He believes in repetition at practice to ensure that the players know their assignments. Guenther’s defense was just too complicated whereas Marinelli’s bread butter is cover 2.

  4. I wanted Guenther gone after last season. We would probably be a playoff team had the Raiders gotten rid of him then. Now we will have to wait again.

  5. Paul is not his dad… Running an archaic scheme got him fired! They need to go with a 3-3-5; that will set the edge and promote speed from sideline to sideline while giving maximum coverage on the back end..🏈💯

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