Week 15 Reactions: Raiders must keep looking for defensive coordinator

Welp, that’s probably it. The Las Vegas Raiders’ slim playoff chances became minuscule after losing to the Los Angeles Chargers and dropping their third game in a row. 

Thursday Night Football is THE WORST

In a normal year, Thursday night games are typically lousy. This year, COVID-19 restrictions have made it even harder to prepare for these short-week contests. Both Las Vegas and Los Angeles looked awful Thursday night. That was one of the worst matchups on TV this year. It felt like it dragged on forever. Sure, it was a bummer to see the Raiders lose, but, honestly, it was a relief when the game finally ended.

Raiders DC Rod Marinelli is not the answer

We don’t blame you if you lost count of how many plays I saw where Chargers receivers caught passes without a black jersey within five yards of them. That was some of the softest coverage ever. The Raiders were missing a lot on defense, but that was still unacceptable. There are only two logical explanations for last night’s performance.

A: Marinelli had no faith in the defense and just decided to play prevent and bend over for quarterback Justin Herbert.


B: The Raiders defenders had no clue where they were supposed to be for most of the game.

It is hard to say which one is worse, but both reflect poorly on Marinelli.

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Mariota looked like an expensive backup

In his Raiders debut, the former Heisman Trophy winner was solid. He led the Vegas offense up and down the field for most of the night, which is expected against a less than stellar Chargers defense. Now, let’s keep this in mind, he was solid, but not spectacular. This was clear by the fact that Gruden does not entirely trust his ability to make the super tough plays. It was a very simple offense. For the most part, it did work. That is what is important. The Raiders season did not seem over when Carr left the field like it did in 2016. Mariota looked well worth his hefty price tag. That does not mean that he should be any threat to take Carr’s job.

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8 thoughts on “Week 15 Reactions: Raiders must keep looking for defensive coordinator”

  1. Yes, let’s see what happens with the defense in the next two games. Will our injury players be back. As for MM, I believe this is first action in almost a year and has been injury here. Though he did great for lack of time he has been here.

  2. Yes I have been a Raider fan for 28 years now and in that time I’ve never seen that bad of a defense or coaching let’s face it the Raiders need a DC but with the talent they have and young players on defense and offense despite our injured they should be solid it’s I believe it’s the time thus year before season is done to let gruden go he just isn’t making sense to keep him either after 2020 season.

  3. Should of never kick a field goal with a defensive that like that waiting to take the field Gruden should have know better my god

  4. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear. The GM and coach are responsible for the poor defense. Corner backs and safeties are horrible. The line and line backers can’t stop the run to safe their lives. Max Crosby is the only bright spot on defense.

  5. And you arrived at this brilliant conclusion based on a 3 day prep week, with only one “live” practice, and that without helmets according to players. Do you know ‘anything’ about Coach Marinelli and his career achievements ? Obviously not enough, or you would have already deleted your hilarious post !!

  6. Gruden is a Joke! A little late to fire your inept DC. Raiders should’ve fired him a long time ago. Cory Littleton has been a total disaster, and development of their young rookies is nonexistent. Mark Davis needs to think hard about what to do with Gruden. Truthfully he needs to hit the street

  7. I thought Marcus did a great job came in made some pin point passes to Waller on the deep ball can run the ball way better than Carr ever has I believe with a healthy offense Marcus could win out the remaining games He should get tbe chance after the game he had against the chargers. Hell let him play out the rest of the year!!!

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