Raiders Poll: Where does Derek Carr rank in NFL’s quarterback tiers?

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is all over the news despite the fact the team isn’t even playing right now. The Raider Ramble took advantage of the opportunity and decided to post a poll on social media.

Carr might be the place holder of many passing records for the Silver and Black but that doesn’t seem to matter. It’s the same story every season, all fans hear about is how ‘DC4’ will get traded here or there. In the end, nothing ends up happening. Last offseason, many believed Tom Brady would replace him while others thought Marcus Mariota was going to push Carr out last training camp.

Alas, none of it came to fruition and Carr had another efficient and noteworthy season. Nevertheless, some things never change, and for the veteran quarterback, it’s more of the same with his name attached to rumors surrounding Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

A recent trending story has the Raiders signal-caller shipped off and in return, Las Vegas would get Watson. It’s been confirmed that Watson has indeed requested a trade, so the story of the trade is half true. By now, we all know about Carr’s accomplishments. Unfortunately, they haven’t translated into team success. In response to these latest rumors and developments, we gave our readers a chance to voice their opinion.

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What do fans think of the Raiders quarterback?

In response to a Tweet by CBS Sports in which they asked NFL readers to rank Watson, we decided to ask Raider Nation the same about Carr. As always, our readers didn’t disappoint and had several different opinions varying from elite to bottom tier.





Having seen the varied responses to the most recent edition of the Carr debate, what do you think? Where would you honestly rank Carr among NFL quarterbacks by tier? Let us know in the comments down below, Ramble On!

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4 thoughts on “Raiders Poll: Where does Derek Carr rank in NFL’s quarterback tiers?”

  1. Objectively he’s somewhere between 8-12. But when you factor in the (lack) of talent around him, he’s pretty clearly inside the top 10. He runs the offense well and makes plays without much receiving talent around except Waller and with an offensive line that was missing key pieces and couldn’t run the ball at all. And he can’t play defense. He does make some bad decisions sometimes, but so does everybody. And I wish he would protect the ball better when under pressure.

    Oh, and he’s not going to Houston. His brother was already there and I’m sure neither he nor the team want to revisit that. Of course, Houston and the Raiders could engineer a three-way trade. Oh, and Watson couldn’t win with Houston, either.

  2. Most fans don’t know anything about football it is the ultimate team sport more than baseball more than basketball all 11 men get paid very well in football it’s so important to have a left tackle a wide receiver a linebacker and so on!!! The coaching staff and the decision makers are more than the players there’s so many of them so it cracks me up when people say that car is no good first of all and NFL quarterback must have an accurate arm must be smart must be athletic must make his teammates better must be well spoken must be a leader now I’m a Raiders fan for a long time in the talent they collected in the last quarter century is horrendous, it’s like we turned into a franchise known for blowing it like Detroit or Cincinnati or Cleveland not Cincinnati anymore the quarterback gets all the accolades one if they win and all the blame when they lose!!! If it wasn’t for Derek Carr we would have the top five pick every year his car the best no but he’s the least of the Raiders problems they can’t draft players and they can’t collect talent something that Al Davis was known for he’s not Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen but who knows what he would be if he was on the bills or the Chiefs get me some talent get me some stability and then let’s see

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