Raiders Must Pull Trigger On Derek Carr Trade If Teams Are Calling

The Las Vegas Raiders have been receiving inquiries about quarterback Derek Carr. So far, they have displayed no interest in trading him, but they should be averse to doing it if it helps them get better.

Why aren’t the Raiders listening to offers?

David Carr of NFL Media recently said at least four teams have asked about the Raiders quarterback availability via trade. He adds that they all have been shut down and Las Vegas isn’t interested in moving on from him. He later says that it would take a lot to pry away the younger Carr from head coach Jon Gruden.

It seems like the Raiders haven’t gotten an offer to their liking. However, they shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on a potential trade this offseason if they can get a good return for their quarterback. Ever since last year, there have been rumors about Carr being shopped and this could finally be the year Las Vegas moves on from him. It would only make sense to trade ‘4’ if they will upgrade their quarterback position. Coincidentally, there will be many enticing options this offseason.

Deshaun Watson formally requested a trade from the Houston Texans. Also, the 2021 NFL will feature a deep quarterback class. If the Raiders pursued Watson, they could use the salary they had earmarked for Carr this season and pay the Clemson product. On the other hand, they could draft someone and allocate his salary to other position groups.

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What about the defense?

You could argue that the Raiders’ biggest priority this offseason is fixing the defense and that it doesn’t make sense to shop Carr when there are other more pressing concerns. Nevertheless, this is not an either-or proposition. This Las Vegas team can take care of their defense and give the quarterback position a boost in the same year.

Carr had arguably his best season in 2020, but Watson is the better player, which explains why he may fetch three first-round selections. Although the cost of trading may seem prohibitive at first, the Raiders haven’t done exactly a good job selecting players in the first round. For that reason, it would be wise to exchange draft picks for a proven player in Watson. They could then cut a few players to make enough cap room and sign a couple of free agents.

Trading Carr may not be a popular opinion. After all, he’s not the reason why the Raiders have made the playoffs just once in the last 18 years. Nevertheless, if they can improve by trading him, they should do it. Isn’t that the goal for every team every offseason?

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23 thoughts on “Raiders Must Pull Trigger On Derek Carr Trade If Teams Are Calling”

  1. Watson is better, but is he $20m/year and the net loss of 2 1st round draft choices better? Trade a top 10 QB for a top 5 QB that also hasn’t shown he can win on a bad team? When the real issue with your team is (and has been for a while) the defense? The team will still suck, and 4 years from now Watson can leave if you don’t pay him even more of the salary cap. And in those 4 years the team will have only had two first round draft picks.

    If the Raiders want to move on from Carr (and that could be a good idea), trade him away for draft picks, and sign a quality free agent QB for what you would have paid Carr. You would get something close to Carr plus probably a first and maybe a second or third, though that may be a tad optimistic.

  2. This is garbage. Why would you waste draft capital fixing the problem you don’t have? There is zero question D-E-F-E-N-S-E is our first and only need. Perio.

  3. This is a LAME article. Just click bait. Not thought out at all. We are never going to compete with NY and MIA

  4. I haven’t posted a comment in a while but when I read an article this stupid then something needs to be said and that is you are an idiot

  5. Trading Derek Carr to fix the raiders problems is like saying you’re going to buy a new engine for your car because your tires are bad, it makes no sense
    People want to give up on Carr so bad when the reason the raiders haven’t been good isn’t because of him but because the defense hasn’t helped him
    Raiders could easily have won 10 games if the defense steps up on the chiefs and dolphins
    Each game Carr put the team in a position to win


  7. If Raiders trade Derrick Carr it would be a horrible move for the Raiders. Better defense and we can be in Contention for the title. I believe the offense is already SuperBowl ready. Without Carr the offense loses that ability!

  8. Your argument is completely void of reasonable and rational thinking. With a better defense and a healthy o-line the playoffs and a SB birth is within reach. Obviously not an article written by an actual Raider supporter. The team wouldn’t improve with this trade.

  9. Bullsheet article. Raiders will sign Carr for less than Watsons heavy ass contract. And he will have a better year than Watson too smh!!!

  10. Christopher Flynn

    Why trade him? It makes no sence. He knows the offence and executes it efficiently. The Raiders need to address thier defence and do so on the cheap as all teams are facing a reduction in cap space as revenues are down.

  11. You make no sense. Sound like a complete dumbass. Learn to write better articles. Carr should not be traded. Top 10 QB at 20 mill a year. Dumbass.

  12. What makes anybody think Watson will make Raiders better when he went 4-12 with a better defense than what he would have w the Raiders? Geniuses. AND…let’s give up any assets we have to make the defense better to get him on top of it. Let’s go 4-12. Yippee. Great idea. Pffft.

  13. Michael Civitano

    This sounds crazy. Watson may not even be traded and Carr is better than Marriota. Who do you think will replace Carr? Get rid of dead weight like Williams Brown and Joyner, and build the defense.

  14. Here is why making ANY splash moves on offense makes zero sense this off season. Few numbers for you.

    Raiders Offense Ranked:

    -5th in the league in Net Yards per Pass Attempt. – Single most important stat to show how efficient overall your passing game is.
    -8th in passing yards. BUT, 21st in pass attempts. – When the Raiders pass the ball, they gain yards.
    -9th in average yards per offensive play averaging 5.9 yards per offensive play.
    -6th in 3rd down conversion rate

    Raiders Defense Ranked:

    -30th in points allowed, 478 points allowed.
    -25th in yards allowed per game – 389 yards allowed per game
    -29th in QB sacks – 21 total sacks.
    -26th in interceptions – 10 picks all season

    So tell me what side of the ball needs help? The top 10 offense, or the bottom 5 defense?

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