Raiders’ Tanner Muse On Schedule To Make 2021 Impact

One of the most bemusing draft selections for the Las Vegas Raiders last year was Clemson’s Tanner Muse. Fast forward a year and he’s yet to have shown he was worthy of his selection.

The Raiders have been off the mark when it comes to their draft picks these past couple of years. Selecting prospects is often a crapshoot but the organization has really struck out recently. Taking both Henry Ruggs III and Damon Arnette when Justin Jefferson and CeeDee Lamb were available last year could end up haunting Las Vegas. Muse, who was selected with the 100th overall pick in the third round, is in the same boat.

Muse’s selection was immediately chastised as a reach, basically, the Raiders over-drafted ’55’ in the third round. In retrospect, they could’ve selected promising defensive lineman Alex Highsmith, that’s just one example of an alternate scenario. Nevertheless, the team has to live with Muse and will do everything in their power to make sure he can live up to expectations. First, Muse has to show he can stay healthy for a full season. He literally took zero snaps in 2020, battling a toe injury all while trying to make the NFL transition. The latter being the key, is he a safety or a linebacker? Joe Marino of The Draft Network originally believed Muse needed to make the transition to weakside linebacker in the NFL.

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Looks like Muse will be ready to make an impact for the Raiders…

In all likelihood, if Muse is healthy, new Raiders defensive coordinator Gus Bradley will make use of him. The hybrid defender had a solid collegiate career, at least statistically. He accumulated seven interceptions, 14 passes defensed, and ten tackles for a loss. Recently, Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal spoke about Muse’s health and potential impact for this upcoming season.

“He [Muse] is coming along nicely from the toe surgery he underwent last season. Muse is expected to be at full strength by training camp. He will compete for playing time at linebacker and on special teams.

A linebacker room made up of Muse, Nicholas Morrow, Cory Littleton, and Nick Kwiatkoski will be interesting to see with Bradley now in charge. Muse is by no means a bust at the moment, if healthy, he’ll have a shot at redemption by fighting for playing time at linebacker and will have to put in work on special teams.

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*Top Photo: John Locher/Associated Press

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7 thoughts on “Raiders’ Tanner Muse On Schedule To Make 2021 Impact”

  1. No draft expert worth mentioning had Justin Jefferson in the same tier as Ruggs’ Juedy and Lamb so to mention Jefferson as a possibility at number 12 is just absurd because everyone thought that he was a byproduct of the wide open system at LSU and Joe Burrow and being next to other great wide receivers. Now those draft experts have admitted they were wrong and he’s a far better route runner and he fit into a great system but to bring him up as even a possibility at 12 last year it’s just idiotic and very very very poor journalism.
    CeeDee Lamb on the other hand what’s the possibility of 12 but his numbers for this year we’re over inflated by a horrible team that was always behind and always in garbage time and covering everyone deep to include Gallup and Cooper and the underneath was open a lot and he got a lot of garbage yards as a result and is not a fair comparison in context so please do better.

    1. Nah, I wrote it in one of my mocks last year as a viable option in the first round. But hey, thanks for weighing in and cheers 🍻

  2. The Raiders could have taken Wirfs with the 12, then come back at 19 and taken Jefferson. It would have been a dream draft.

  3. Gotta love all the idiots who loved Mayock’s picks when he was a broadcaster, but they think he has suddenly lost all clue of how to evaluate draft prospects, as if he didn’t spend 20 years as the consensus draft guru. Especially when not one of his draft classes has even reach the pivotal “third year” mark yet, thus their full potential probably hasn’t surfaced yet. There is a really good reason why the standard evaluation for a draft pick is three years. Not everyone hits the ground running. Tim Brown is a Hall of Famer, who didn’t really make a huge impact as a receiver until his sixth year in the league. Chill out, and quit getting your panties in a bunch, because of bunch of hacks who don’t know jack about football said that many of the Raiders picks were “reaches”. Funny, how they said the exact same thing about Kolton Miller, and Ferrell, and both have played at a top 15 level for their positions, albeit Miller was more consistent with his play. The point is one disappointing season after virtually no offseason to prepare, and a worldwide pandemic to deal with, hardly makes Ruggs, Arnette, or Muse a bust. Anyone who says different is just clueless to the game of football. I swear some of you so called “fans”, and “journalists” only care about stirring the pot any way you can, 🤦‍♂️

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