Raiders QB Derek Carr Is A Champion Without A Ring

The Las Vegas Raiders have a good quarterback in Derek Carr. However, every now and then he does or says things that make you go “Huh?” like Scooby-Doo. In fact, he recently said something that will make many cringe. 

Carr recently made an appearance on ChurchLV and spoke about many things. Among them was his job as the Raiders starting quarterback, and how he believes he’s a champion without a ring.

“I can tell you there are people in our profession that have reached this place that are so completely lost and empty and lonely. They’ve achieved everything that the world has to offer. They’ve reached the pentacle, they’ve won Super Bowls. I don’t have a trophy, I don’t have a ring, that doesn’t mean I’m not a champion.”

Wait a minute, it doesn’t work like that! For you to be a champion you have to *checks notes* win a championship and the last time the Raiders won one was back in 1983 when Jim Plunkett was the quarterback, not Carr. Also, how can you tell others are lost or lonely? That’s a big assumption and quite judgmental.

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Derek Carr and the Raiders are currently far from being champions

Nobody will deny Carr’s a good quarterback statistically speaking. Also, the Raiders’ biggest issue in recent seasons has been their subpar defense, not ‘4’. However, he can’t talk about being a champion without a ring, that’s entitlement. A winner or a champion needs to beat the cream of the crop to get to the top. Saying you are great without actually showing it doesn’t make you so.

This may seem like an outdated reference but did you ever watch Pixar’s The Incredibles? Syndrome, the movie’s main villain, talks about giving everybody a superpower because if everybody’s super, nobody really is. Carr’s sermon brought similar thoughts to mind. If you can be a champion without a ring, what’s stopping you from calling yourself a king without a crown? It’s good to know he thinks highly of himself, but becoming a champion is significantly better than talking about being one.

It’s true that not just anybody can make it to the NFL, let alone be a starting quarterback but precisely because of that, Carr shouldn’t talk about being a winner, when quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are regularly making trips to the Super Bowl. If the Raiders fix the defense and they improve their red-zone offense, they can have a shot at making noise in the playoffs and even compete for a Super Bowl berth. Until then, their current players should refrain from calling themselves champions.

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42 thoughts on “Raiders QB Derek Carr Is A Champion Without A Ring”

  1. Really? You just don’t get it, do you? Well I’m not going to explain it to you other than to say that you really should look closer into what Carr might mean by what he said. Because you clearly have no understanding whatsoever.

  2. Why did you write this article. Carr was only referring to football as an example because that’s his profession. The bible says in 1 John 4:4, KJV. “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” In other words I’m a champion in Jesus Christ. The bible also teaches us to Love GOD over everything else. In his message Carr was referring to being approved by GOD and not worrying about being approved be men. STOP SPEAKING ABOUT THINGS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. STICK TO FOOTBALL. CARR WAS SPEAKING ON FAITH. IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT THEN SHUT UP, AND READ A BIBLE.

  3. Is this a Raider fan sight? Come on man this sight is garbage I will not visit or read another article by raiderramble… only team fan sight I know of that rips it’s starting quarterback every chance you get pretty lame guy.

  4. Agree with all the comments here. LAST artice i will ever read from this site. Regardless of wheter you agree with his preaching, THATS what he was doing. Totally taking everything out of context here. Other fanbases may want a football robor who thinks and talks ONLY football 24/7/365, but here in the Nation we love our players are not afraid to be themselves and use their platform for a purpose. This site has become a joke.

  5. Derek Carr is clueLESS as can be, in the meantime he makes a great salary!! While Pat Mahomes is playoff bound (all the time) Derek needs to toss around 45-50 TD passes…then maybe his Raiders can advance to the Playoffs….
    I don’t put all the Blame on the QB…..The Raiders still make stupid mistakes and find more ways to lose then any team I’ve ever watched….
    John Gruden needs to Resign….The Game has passed him buy, years ago….After he beat his own squad….with his playbook…His Bucks went south too….
    That was many Moons ago…..Deep Sigh!!

  6. While reading this article my brain started firing on what I wanted to say to verbally slap the fool author with then I got to the comment section and fellow sane people already had….I don’t blame raider ramble. Some of the writers aren’t bad its this Carlos Sanchez fool. He just plain hates carr. I believe he roots against us to do well. I’ve commented on his Carr hate before and he has responded to my comments. HEY CARLOS PLEASE DON’T BOTHER RESPONDING I WILL NOT BE READING ANY ARTICLE YOU HAVE WRITTEN EVER AGAIN. I hope all other RAIDERS fans do the same. Please check who is writing the article before you click on it. Hopefully the site will get the message and move on from him…..F Carlos Sanchez….go RAIDERS

  7. Champion?Win a damn playoff game first lmao.Dudes been in the league how long and still doesn’t even have a PLAYOFF win like sit the f down

  8. Do you not have better things to do than nit-pick well- intentioned examples given by our QB to groups that he voluntarily chooses to appear before? I understood exactly what he meant….that in order to be a champion, you have to see yourself as a champion first. Obviously you don’t see yourself as an even good writer….RN4L

  9. Who ever wrote this piece needs to reap what you sew about being judgemental . And has took what Carr had to say , way out of context . If you feels like he’s a champion , whose to say he can’t feel like a champion . That’s all he said . And you twisted all up the way you wanted it to sound . And as for others that a says are lonely and what not, I’m sure he talks to alot of other Players in the league , and a few he’s really close to . Close enough that they might have shared this information with him for all we know. You clearly are not a fan of Carr , but I believe he deserves allot more respect then that . Don’t we all feel like champions in some aspect or another ? The man is human just like you and me , and is a great Quarterback . And has proven it statistically and to National Football Ball . Period .

  10. When Carr said he was a champion without a trophy he is talking about a champion in life through belief in God. Typical misleading reporting from another idiot of fake news. Always trying to make someone look bad. The author of this article is the true moron here.

  11. He wasn’t talking about being a football champion idiot and you know it. Let’s write another click bait article and talk some trash about a good man. Great idea!

  12. Boy I really wish I wasn’t working my ass off in college right now. I could be getting paid to write awful articles like this. Come on dude.

  13. lester W Hawkins

    Carr is a Christian right? For those that are not a Christian let me explain what he ment. Christians don’t measure their worth by tiles or great achievements. Some many people reach the top of their fields or sports and are still empty looking for something they can’t get by those achievements. How many people have had it all are got everything they wanted and ended their life because they did not see worth in finding it all? Alot of people. Christians like Carr and myself find worth in a relationship with Christ. Our highest satisfaction in life comes when we bring glory and honor to Christ. We strive to be champions for Christ. In that we strive for the top of fields or jobs but that does not define us if we do not get reach it.

  14. Piss poor article this guy wasted raider fans time with this he’s reaching and reaching far on this one what a simple minded fool

  15. It would appear that you totally missed what he was referring to Carlos….It has nothing to do with Football….

  16. I believe he was referring to his religion, more than likely meaning a champion in Christ. He has been promoting the fact he was going to be speaking at a church these past couple weeks.

  17. This is a horrible article…. Car knows he hasnt won a Super Bowl but life is about more than football… Is the author trolling us or really that big of an idiot.. Why not try to understand people before we trash them… Go raiders… Lets hope Car can take us to the next level while still being a good person…

  18. When did this site become such mindless garbage? Last time I fall for the clickbait from carlos el payaso gilipollas…

  19. Jessica Rodriguez

    I agree with him he is a Champ even without a ring! He is a family man who takes care of them. He plays hard and always has The Lord by his side. Derek Carr is and will always be our Quarterback of the Raiders. He has prayer for one when ask to give hope in life. Carr 8s a CHAMP RING OR NO RING.

  20. Calling yourself a “Champion” is a mind set, it’s about being complete within yourself knowing that nothing can break your spirit, even losing the game of football to injury or being cut. There are countless examples of former professional athletes feeling lonely and doing dumb stuff after they leave a sport because they have nothing to look forward too, they live in the past and rely on who they used to be. This writer is very judgmental while calling Carr judgemental.

  21. This article is an example how things heard are sometimes completely taken out of context. You can tell the author of this article is not a Christian because a Christian would understand what Carr’s sermon was about. He is a champion under God’s eyes, oh and you can be a king without a crown (e.g. Jesus Christ, King of household, etc).

  22. This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read from any sports clickbait site… If you don’t understand what he is saying, I have serious cincerns about your credibility.. I am not a fan of cancel culture but I hope this blog gets canceled..

  23. This is grossly taken out of context. Carr is a great football player but even a better man. How dare you take his words and flip them for clicks on a story. He meant he’s a champion as a person. No s*** he knows you have to win a Super Bowl to be a champion in sports. This is a garbage article. His service was really humble, down to earth, genuine and for you to write this about him, you should give an apology. This is a man speaking at church as well. How dare you Carlos Sanchez.

  24. This Carlos Sanchez(if that is even his real name, such a common name, it could easily be a fake name), is no Raider fan, and definitely not a respectable journalist. None of the writers on this site are either of those things. Respectable journalists don’t use comments taken out of context to bad mouth, and write negative pieces about people. Clearly, Carr was saying he doesn’t need to be a champion on the football field, to be a champion in life or his faith. Not everyone measures success, or being a champion with hoisting a hunk of metal. Also, apparently the writer and some of the commentors seem to forget that football is a team sport. Some of you Raider “fans” don’t deserve to win, because you’re piss poor losers. Nobody likes losing, but acting like a little baby, and constantly going out of your way to find ways to trash one of the few really good players, the Raiders have had in the last two decades, is childish, classless, and just plain stupid….

  25. Anyone that knows Derek or is a true fan would probable know that he’s not talking about football but being a champion of life. There’s more to life than football and just because he used football analogies doesn’t necessarily mean he’s talking about being a champion in football (although this fan thinks he is).

  26. Hey Carlos I know I said I would never click on your articles again but I only clicked in again on this article to read all the new comments about you….WOW 38 COMMENTS…..that must be a raider ramble record. One of the comments even wondered if you were a real person. I’ll be honest I’m wondering the same thing are you just a group of writers trying to get a response…HMMM!!!….if you are real I think you should find another field of journalism perhaps as a Democrat pundit they write a bunch of stupid B.S. too….I’m not a fan of cancel culture but this is a RAIDERS fan site . And buddy you ain’t a RAIDERS fan…not only should you be fired you should be tarred and feathered….may God have mercy on your soul…F Carlos Sanchez….go RAIDERS

    1. Thanks for weighing in! We featured your comment on our Twitter page, enjoy your 15 seconds of fame ‘T-Diddy’ Cheers 🍻

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