Serious Question, Do The Fans Deserve Raiders QB Derek Carr?

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr’s never mentioned in yearly rumor mills surrounding Jon Gruden and his supposed ‘infatuations’ with other signal-callers. 

Every year it’s the same story for Carr, the blame continues to fall on his shoulders despite people pointing out the obvious. ‘4’ has improved statistically every year under Gruden’s tutelage but it still isn’t enough. He’s had to deal with an ever-worsening defense, and despite continuously showing loyalty to the Raiders, Carr continues to draw everyone’s ire.

For a quarterback, this is to be expected. Whether fair or completely false, quarterbacks are normally given all the praise or all the blame for their team’s outcomes. This, of course, is unless they’re seen as otherworldly talents lacking help. Even so, one must ask, at what point should enough be enough? 

When is it all enough for the Raiders’ quarterback?

At what point does it become obvious that even with his glaring weaknesses at the position, Carr’s far from the issue and hindrance he’s made out to be within Las Vegas’ fan base and the general media. The Bible Bomber cannot say anything publicly without some form of scrutiny from publications like Pro Football Talk. As a side note to this, Mike Florio is a total weirdo. His obsession with being blocked on Twitter by Carr has reached the point that I assume Carr missed signing some memorabilia for the guy his rookie year. 

If Carr strongly supports his teammates, coaching staff, and/or organization throughout any and all turmoil, he’s seen as a ‘yes man’ that refuses to ‘speak up and shake the room.’ If Carr shouts his loyalty to Raider Nation from the rooftops, he’s immediately attacked and ridiculed. 

Some breaking news…

Multiple-time league MVP Aaron Rodgers is currently at a standoff with his Super Bowl-laden franchise after years of ignored pleas for an improved supporting cast. If Aaron F’n Rodgers, arguably the most talented quarterback we’ve seen is currently being told to shut up and report to camp, what exactly would a fiery, Heel-level promo from the Silver and Black’s friendly neighborhood John Cena accomplish?

Let me take a wild guess here, Raider Nation. You want a quarterback that can single-handedly win games, defense be damned, right? 

Please show me a playoff signal-caller from the 2020 season with a defense that surrendered as many points per game as the Raiders did. You can’t. The closest you’ll find is Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks, who surrendered nearly six points less per contest. 

What about the turnovers?

You’re tired of Carr’s turnovers and ball security, an understandable gripe. I wonder if the Buffalo Bills feel the same way about 2020 MVP candidate, Josh Allen. I mean, he did have just one turnover less than Carr last year.

What about last year’s Tom Brady rumors? Look what he did for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after all. I regret to inform you, but the ‘Bucs’ only won two more regular-season games than the Raiders and outside of running back, there isn’t a single position group Las Vegas has an upper hand on in comparison to Tampa Bay.

Should the Raiders do what Kansas City did?

The Raiders should move up in the draft and take a young quarterback to usurp Carr. It worked for the Chiefs, yes? Kansas City traded up for Patrick Mahomes with Alex Smith still on the roster. However, if you assume Jon Gruden drafting and grooming a quarterback is the same as Andy Reid guiding a rookie signal-caller, I will then have to doubt your football expertise.

Carr was a top 10 quarterback by almost any metric in 2020. He’s adapted to Gruden’s unnecessarily intricate playbook and kept this team within striking distance of the postseason. This is in spite of his defense inevitably letting him down. ‘4’ watched as his 2014 draft mate, Khalil Mack, was traded and never correctly replaced. The Raider defense has never finished better than 20th during Carr’s tenure.

The question isn’t, “Should the Raiders move on from Derek Carr?” The real question is in actuality, “Do the Raiders even deserve Derek Carr?

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*Top Photo: L.E. Baskow/Las Vegas Review-Journal

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