How Did Raiders Do In Week 3 AFC West Performance Check?

Week 3 was great for media fodder. The Kansas City Chiefs are currently looking up from the bottom of the division at the towering superpowers residing in Las Vegas and Denver. Look, we know this 1-2 start for the reigning AFC Champions will mean nothing by the time January rolls around. But it’s fun for Raiders fans to gloat while they remain in this lull, right?

Now, rather than bludgeon you with vomit-inducing content petting The Team with No Fans for a big win, let’s just get this out the way:

  • Justin Herbert played his ass off and was the Offensive Player of the Week. 
  • The ‘Big Cojones‘ Call of the Week goes to Brandon Staley for that fourth-down conversion.

Any who, let’s take a look at how the AFC West shakes out after three weeks as a whole.

Biggest Win of the Week: Los Angeles Chargers

This is as bittersweet as it comes for Raiders fans. We get to bask in the Chiefs’ failure but must praise the effort of the Chargers in the process. Los Angeles traveled into Kansas City and weathered the infamous second-half storm of Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, winning 30-24 in an absolute thriller. Despite losing their early lead in the third quarter, Justin Herbert and the Bolts refused to wilt as most Chiefs’ opponents tend to do. The Chargers’ confidence level will be sky-high when they host the Raiders this upcoming Monday.

Runner up: Las Vegas Raiders

Biggest Loss of the Week: Over Reliance on Mahomes Magic

You’re gonna notice a theme here. 

While the Chiefs could have easily come away with a game-winning drive if not for the Chargers call to go for it on 4th and 10. One can’t help but look at the early and late Mahomes turnovers and shake their head. Mahomes has a shot to be the best his position has ever seen. However, his tendency to hold the ball too long while looking to create a miraculous moment or his penchant for no-look throws (awesome as they may be) came back to haunt Kansas City at very inopportune moments on Sunday. 

I’m sure the Purveyor of the Patrick Price will run out of the tunnel this week against the Eagles and show them as much mercy as the Joker holding a crowbar shows a Batman sidekick, but as of now; he gets to hold another L.

Runner up: Broncos lose another receiver in K.J. Hamler

Best No-Call of the Week: Johnathan Abram

Folks, we may have witnessed a modern miracle on Sunday afternoon.

The Raiders were in danger of a very Raider-esque collapse in overtime, the Dolphins somehow concocting a touchdown drive that would seal their fate. Dolphins quarterback Jacoby Brissett uncorked a deep ball into the endzone intended for the recently activated Will Fuller V, only for Johnathan Abram to fly in and break it up. Fuller quickly looked to the refs in hopes of a flag that would undoubtedly doom Las Vegas, but it never came.

As it all unfolded in front of me, I couldn’t believe my eyes. And yet, it truly happened. The Raiders got away with a penalty to help them win a game. How often has that sentence been skewed with the Silver and Black on the receiving end of Zebra tomfoolery?

Take it all in, Raider Nation. You deserve it.

Runner up: Media members still hating on Derek Carr

Toughest Road Test in Week Four: Los Angeles Chargers

As if dealing with the racist and almost assuredly off-beat chopping motions in Arrowhead Stadium in Week 3, the Chargers now face the Raiders in Sofi Stadium on Monday Night Football.

If I were a Charger fan…

Sorry, I fell into a fit of uncontrollable laughter at that oxymoron. However, supporters of the Bolts should be looking to file a grievance with the league. Why do the Raiders get two home games on Monday Night Football in the first four weeks of the season? Who approved this scheduling?

Be that as it may, you could almost feel bad for anyone facing the Raiders in Los Angeles. The Chargers won’t be on that list for me this coming week, though.

Runner up: Chargers fans – Strap in, bucko. 

*Top Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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