Former Raiders Coach Under Fire From Civil Rights Organization

Former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio has been under heavy scrutiny for the past 24 hours following controversial remarks.

The remarks themselves are political in nature, relating to the January 6th insurrection that took place in Washington, D.C. last year on that date. Del Rio, who is no stranger to controversy, equated the event to a “dust up.” Almost immediately, the comments, originally posted via his Twitter, went viral and got everyone’s attention. That includes the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Everyone is speaking out on what the ex-Raiders coach has said…

Derrick Johnson, president of the NAACP, has called for Del Rio to either resign or be fired. Essentially, stating that the former Raiders coach’s comments were “offensive and ignorant.” Whether Del Rio is out of a job remains to be seen, though some have come to the defense of the besieged defensive coordinator.

Current Washington Commander defensive tackle Jonathan Allen defended his coach when asked to comment on the situation.

“Me personally, I don’t care about his opinion. As long as he shows up every day and he works hard, that’s what I want from my defensive coordinator.”

Allen went on to mention that someone sharing their opinion on Twitter doesn’t make them better than someone else. On the other hand, former running back Brian Mitchell, who played for Washington for 10 seasons, shared a different sentiment. Speaking on 106.7 The Fan, Mitchell ripped into Del Rio but also Washington head coach Ron Rivera and his handling of the situation.

“I care about [Rivera] getting his damn D coordinator in control before somebody beats his ass up. That’s what I care about. I care about somebody stopping this man from constantly poking his little racial bear with what he’s doing. That’s what I care about.”

As far as the Commanders’ organization, they have not responded to the NCAAP’s statement. However, Del Rio did issue an apology for the time being.

*Top Photo: Don Feria/Getty Images

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Stop associating him with the Raiders. He is with the Washington team.

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