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Raiders Fans Don’t Believe Davante Adams Deserves Suspension

After losing a heartbreaker to the Kansas City Chiefs, Davante Adams apparently let his emotions get the better of him. Though newer video evidence has emerged since last night, the trending topic all day has been whether the Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver is going to be suspended for his “altercation” with a cameraman on the way into the tunnel at Arrowhead Stadium. Raider Nation is never a shy group when it comes to their opinions, so we decided to gauge some people’s feelings about this story.

What did Raider Nation have to say about Davante Adams possibly getting suspended?

NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero has been all over Adams’s story since this morning. In many ways, he caused the stir with regard to Adams possibly getting suspended. He also sent out more information regarding the incident via his Twitter account, in particular about the police report. Despite alleging assault, his injuries were deemed “preliminarily non-life threatening.”

So, with that information out of the way, what did Raiders fans have to say? Essentially, we posed the question to our readers: “is a suspension warranted for Adams?” To the surprise of no one, many in Raider Nation are calling a suspension for Adams an exaggeration. A fine is certainly warranted, but an NFL player simply can’t put his hands on an NFL employee or contractor. The NFL will surely issue a financial punishment, but the question on everyone’s minds is whether Adams will miss time because of this. Fox News is even reporting that Adams could face discipline.

In regard to the poll’s number, based on 234 votes cast, 86.8 percent of readers believe a fine is permissible. Alternatively, suspending him was clearly unpopular, garnering only 13.2 percent of votes. Adams’s suspension, or lack thereof, is going to be a pivotal story for the next couple of days.

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1 thought on “Raiders Fans Don’t Believe Davante Adams Deserves Suspension”

  1. Jack Paul Malman

    NFL security guards are supposed clear the area on the way to the locker rooms for the players, perhaps they should be fined for not doing their job! Anything passed a fine for this totally bogus injury & police report for the injury of hurt feelings would be a total travesty!! Just another example of the NFL against the Raiders! It’s been far too long & time for the NFL to stop the blatant unfairness towards the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders need to be treated the same way as all the rest of the NFL teams!! If Devante Adams was still a member of the Green Bay Packers and not the Las Vegas Raiders, would all of this be going on right now? I sincerely doubt it! This is all totally ridicules and the NFL is too!!!

Let us know your thoughts, Raider Nation!

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