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Derek Carr Was Outdueled By QB That Was Released Monday

What happened? The Las Vegas Raiders and quarterback Derek Carr were on a roll heading into Thursday Night Football. Rather than deliver on Raider Nation’s hopes, they were treated to a choke job of epic proportions. Many had a feeling this had the makings of a trap game, and that’s what happened. However, don’t let that distract you from a painful fact: Carr was outdueled by a quarterback that was released on Monday by his previous team. Let that sink in.

The stat line is something to behold. Carr, a nine-year veteran with Davante Adams and Mack Hollins on his team, managed to complete just 11 passes. On top of that, two interceptions derailed the offense. By comparison, Baker Mayfield, who was waived and claimed by the Los Angeles Rams, led his team to victory in the end. Mayfield completed 22 out of 35 passes on the night and, of course, a touchdown on the game-winning drive.

It’s wild to think how Mayfield delivered all things considered. He was traded by the Cleveland Browns back in July, reports were rampant of him being a malcontent. After failing to move the needle with the Carolina Panthers, the team felt they were better off without him. Fast forward a few days and in front of a global audience, he led his new team downfield on an eight-play, 98-yard drive. There’s even talk now that Mayfield could compete as Matthew Stafford’s backup in 2023; that was fast.

Derek Carr will bounce back, right?

The fact is, this is going to be a long ten days for the Raiders’ signal-caller. In his defense, the offensive gameplan completely shifted in the second half. Clearly, head coach Josh McDaniels went conservative to try and protect the lead they had at halftime. As a result, the entire situation collapsed as the offense was unable to get anything going as it averaged less than four yards per carry per rushing attempt during that stretch. Well, so much for the playoffs.

*Top Photo: USA Today

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2 thoughts on “Derek Carr Was Outdueled By QB That Was Released Monday”

  1. McDaniels sucks. He let Jeff Saturday get off the coach and out coach him. Then het Mcvay take Mayfield and beat him! He needs to be fired!

  2. Now that we are done, and have a slim to none chance of making the playoffs, lets bench Carr, and start Jarrett Stidham. Who the heck was Carr throwing the ball to on the last play of the game? That was a poorly thrown pass, just like in the 2nd quarter. Now lets look at a few things, 1) the HC, last time I looked, he’s not throwing the football, 2) but that doesn’t mean he gets a pass, on 4th and 1 with under 2 minutes let in the game and the defense gassed, I’m going for it, 3) I don’t want to hear anymore about changing HC’S or OC’S and having to learn a new system. Carr got beat by Mayfield who had only been with the team for 2 days. So that whole thing about learning a new system is a LOAD OF CRAP. 4) Lastly lets look at his stats, 39.6 rtg for a 9yr veteran? His won loss record shows he has a losing record, and his TD to INT is not that good. There are 3 or 4 franchise QB’S coming out this year. Let’s get one. Keep it real, Peace out.

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