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So Raiders Gave Up On Derek Carr “Within Weeks” This Season

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. After failing to live up to expectations in 2022, the decision to bench No. 4 came from the top. The Raiders moved quickly to name Jarrett Stidham as their new starter for the final two games. In Carr’s absence, the Raiders flourished on offense, going up against the NFL’s best defense. In a recent development, it turns out that the Raiders didn’t have much faith in Carr after all.

The Derek Carr and Raiders were headed for divorce for months now

Raiders beat writer Vincent Bonsignore of Las Vegas Review-Journal fame dropped an interesting tidbit. According to him, “the Raiders were determined not to be handcuffed to a quarterback they no longer believed in.” But wait, he says, a quarterback they didn’t believe in? Throughout the highs and lows of this season, it appeared Josh McDaniels had his faith in Carr; he never really threw him under the bus or anything close to that.

The tone did change after the embarrassing loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. As you may recall, McDaniels did point out that the passing game just wasn’t up to snuff this year. Adding further context, Bonsignore said “the Raiders concluded Carr was not a long-term fit within weeks of the start of the season.”

If we’re being honest, it’s a very damning revelation. It shouldn’t affect his trade value, though. If the Raiders lost faith in Carr just weeks into the season, they had their reasons for it. That’s not to say another team, such as the New York Jets, doesn’t still see him as a potential upgrade. The dysfunction and toxicity surrounding the Raiders this past decade have been well documented. That in itself helps to defend Carr from certain blame.

One has to wonder if the Raiders would be singing the same tune if they had sneaked into the playoffs. At this point, it doesn’t seem to matter as the split between Carr and Josh McDaniels is now inevitable.

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25 thoughts on “So Raiders Gave Up On Derek Carr “Within Weeks” This Season”

    1. How many times when it counted where 2 receivers next to each other to many who’s fault is that the coach. If Carr goes so should the HC and the the DC. They suck.

    2. Anyone who thinks Carr was treated fairly is DEAF AND BLIND. HE deserved better. Best qb theyve had since rich gannon.

  1. Raiders fan since ’83.
    Derek was the best QB the Raiders have had on their roster since Rich Gannon. Maybe better.
    They never gave Derek a great defense, and often the line was suspect. I loved having Carr as the silver and black QB. Not too many guys classier or a better leader.
    But Derek got paid (twice) and he managed to break every Raider passing record in his tenure. He has nothing to be ashamed of AT ALL. He’s a true Raider.
    But this is a business, and changes are often made to move the team forward, or save money.

    I hope Derek thrives with his new team. He’s really talented, smart guy and a great team player and locker room presence. I just hope the Raiders don’t regret jettisoning him. The last QB tenure/search from Gannon’s retirement was loooong.
    ..and don’t get sold on one game from Stidham. The opposition had little to no tape on him.
    Hopefully the Raiders have learned a few things from the last 9 years. Give your QB a solid line and fix the damn Defense before Crosby is past his prime. Good luck.

    1. While it is true this is a business the Raiders should have had a little more class in how this was handled. Derek deserves better after 9 years. Guess some things will never change. I am no longer a Raider fan as a result and my support for the Raiders went back to the Jimmy Plunkett days.

      1. Hang in there. In in the same boat .. and its been a rough several years from coaching changes to team tragedies.
        I met Plunket and Jim Otto this past Sept. in LV
        I thought about all the different players who went through tough tines, and yes, it really stings right now.
        I loved Derek too. Hoping hed be a raider after watching Grudens QB camp where Derek broke the cameras in the targets.
        We might have sit through one year of Brady as someone else is groomed. But maybe that next young talented kid is in the wings.. wanting his shot.
        But i will still root for my Raiders and also Derek, as he continues his journey in the NFL.
        He’s a great player and human being.

        1. Brady would be the best thing to happen to you bums. You would become winners. But you don’t deserve him. You deserve to keep losing into perpetuity. A doormat for the whole of the NFL.

  2. Carr has made his mistakes this season, no question about it, but he’s also given them double digit leads they haven’t been able to defend. When it comes down to it, the coaches are the ones who design the system and call the plays. A good coach will adjust the system to make best use of all their players strengths and minimize their weaknesses: that doesn’t seem to have happened here. And I’m not buying the ‘Look how well Stidham did against the tough 49ers so Carr must be the problem’ line; the Raiders receivers were so wide open for much of the game any QB would have had a good game. Stidham did play well, but be also bottled it when he threw that second interception, hoisting the ball downfield in blind hope / panic when that 49er came free right up the middle at him.

  3. LOL Carr was not better than Gannon and its not close. Suspect line? They once gave him the most expensive OL in the league.
    Carr is nothing but an empty stats guy. Poor in high leverage situations. Panics under pocket pressure.

    He needs everything to be perfect for him to succeed.

    1. Well said Gerard. I agree 1000%. Not a Carr hater either, i wanted Carr to succeed always supprted him. But over time he just WORE me down. It was the same thing with him over n over again. He was so TIMID in the pocket and he could NEVER improvise. If the play wasn’t wide open n perfect it was over. Never tried to extend the play or throw receivers open. He was either gonna check it down or go into the fetal position. With Stidham the offense seemed to flow smooth and with Carr it was always an excruciating struggle. Like if your Carr had a flat tire but you were trying to get it to the next exit, just hoping n praying to make it. Im glad we’re moving on not because i hate Carr, it was just time. 9 years was long enough.

      1. The Raiders have not had one good defense since Carr has been a Raider. Sure he had a good offensive line at one time but the defense still stunk it up. There have been way too many bad decisions, coaching changes etc over the years. For Carr at this point, he is better off finding a team that only needs a decent QB to compete and have a chance to make it to a Super Bowl. It is obvious he will never reach that dream as a Raider.

  4. Lifelong Raiders fan here, and former season ticket holder for 10 years in the Biggidy Biggidy Oak!!! FIRE MARK DAVIS!!! Or sell the team to someone that can handle it! Sh#$ rolls down hill. Bad decisions have consequences. No more home field advantage, change coaches every couple years, poor drafting, Just sayin.


  6. Fire Head Coach And Defense Head Coach and Offensive Coach after this last loss and should let you know this Head Coach needs to go and with this young fast QB should have WON Raiders are not Condition for 3rd & 4th Quarter
    The Head Coach Could not left and shift all Season making the same calls and the Defense could tell what play was coming up and the Same with the Raiders Defense and the opponent O Line made the changes to Embrace the Raiders D Line. Think Raiders Nation The Head Coach Could not cut it as Head Coach before and as A Winning Head Coach you have to Lift and shift on Offense and Defense and you want a fast Quick Strong in Shape Offensive Line and the Same with Defensive Line and Secondary Hit and Rap and Gang Tackle not watch one player make a Tackle Run your Team 10 times Before Practice and 20 Times after Practice so you can take charge in the 3rd and Fourth quarter bottom line

  7. There are many more problems other than Carr with the Raider organization. Stidham played one game under almost perfect conditions and folded under pressure in the end. Different QB same result. I hope Carr finds a team that just needs a QB to compete for a Super Bowl because he deserves it after everything he has been thru.

  8. I agree Carr was not the star QB of past Raiders teams. But, I agree with others about a weak overall defense and weak offensive line. A QB cannot make decisions when somebody’s in his face before throwing the ball. The times Carr did lead at halftime, the defense lost the game. Where are the DBs of old. Teams hated playing our DBs. There are a few bright spots on defense, but not enough to keep the other team from marching down the field. Is zone defense best?? Carr is no Elway with 4th quarter Domination.

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