Raider Nation: Next Raiders QB Will Be Tom Brady Or Aaron Rodgers?

Raider Nation Take Your Pick: Tom Brady Or Aaron Rodgers?

Look, as we all know, Las Vegas Raiders fans don’t have a say in personnel decisions. However, that’s not to say Raider Nation doesn’t have a voice. They’ve shown that they are not afraid to use it either. With regard to the next Raiders’ quarterback, Derek Carr is likely a goner. So, who does that leave? Let’s play devil’s advocate for a minute. If you could choose from only these two, who would it be? Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?

Raider Nation: This is a tough call, or is it?

At this point, it’s quite obvious that quarterback is the Raiders’ biggest need. Yes, the defense is deplorable, but right now, there’s no one under center for the Silver and Black. Jarrett Stidham definitely showed some potential playing in Josh McDaniels’ system against the San Francisco 49ers. At the same time, his performance against Kansas City in Week 18 likely knocked him down a peg. So, do they draft a quarterback? That is a possibility but expecting the Raiders to start a rookie is unrealistic. With so much riding on Year 2 of this “Patriot Way” experiment, the Raiders need to have a winning record this upcoming season.

Does that mean the Raiders’ brass will go with a name they’re familiar with?

Tom Brady?

Brady’s possible move to the Raiders has already received a lot of press. Albert Breer stated that it is “a fact” that the Raiders are signing Brady. Several other outlets are pointing to a Brady-McDaniels reunion as a likelihood. That’s fine, but many in Raider Nation aren’t having it. To them, No. 12 will always go hand in hand with the “Tuck Rule,” among other violations. However, what if he’s the best choice in the short term?

Aaron Rodgers?

Believe it or not, Rodgers to the Raiders is a possibility. You might think that the financial and cap situation surrounding Rodgers might make it a difficult transaction. You also have rumors that Rodgers is on the verge of retiring as well. Nevertheless, Over The Cap gave a detailed breakdown of why moving Rodgers isn’t impossible. Here’s a snippet of that.

“Rodgers does not have a no trade clause in his contract so he could be traded to a team as well.  The timing of the option should give the Packers all the way until the end of training camp to move him. The cap charge here would depend on when he was traded. For the team acquiring Rodgers they would be on the hook for the salary for the year.”

As Clutchpoints recently stated, the Raiders need to “risk it all” for Rodgers this offseason. True, but would Ziegler trade draft capital for a quarterback on the verge of retirement?

“During their time together in Green Bay, Rodgers and Adams dominated opposing defenses on a weekly basis. With both of them still playing at an elite level, this could be the case once again. The Raiders are built to win now. With the roster that they have assembled, they could make a run in a deep AFC. Rodgers could be the perfect addition to this already-talented team.”

The question here is, though, whether Rodgers fits with what McDaniels is trying to do. At the same time, a reunion between Rodgers and Davante Adams would set the NFL world on fire. So, if it came down to these two: Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, who would you pick, Raider Nation? Let us know in the comments down below!

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2 thoughts on “Raider Nation Take Your Pick: Tom Brady Or Aaron Rodgers?”

  1. Raiders till I die

    No, please on either. With barely any defense do you think either really would like to cone to Vegas? Neither would last but 1 or 2 disappointing seasons and then it’s back to the drawing board. However we will have a new and better coach by then. Super Bowl win next year saves the NE guys their jobs, but for how long? I can’t stress this enough. If Gruden wasn’t fired and the team still went to the playoffs last year and lost in the first round, would Mark Davis have fired him? Of course he wouldn’t have. Your next article should be how many 1st year head coaches have took over a playoff team from the year before where that head coach was fired *essentially that’s what happened) and proceeded to finish their 1st year with a losing record and a top 10 pick in the draft. Terrible coaching. WE DESERVE/DESERVED BETTER!

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