Raiders: Is Anthony Richardson a Terrelle Pryor clone?

Anthony Richardson could be a Terrelle Pryor Clone

The Las Vegas Raiders released Derek Carr and are on the hunt for a new quarterback. The NFL draft experts are bountifully linking the Raiders to rookies C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young, Will Levis, and now University of Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson. The selection of Richardson is confusing, though. Reports have speculated that head coach Josh McDaniels does not want to start over developing a rookie quarterback. Plus, you have to wonder where Davante Adams stands with regard to a rookie. This move may not make sense for several reasons, but the primary one is that Richardson is oddly reminiscent of a former Raiders quarterback, Terrelle Pryor.

Terrelle Pryor had potential as the Raiders’ quarterback

Pryor was Al Davis’s last pick before he passed away in 2011. The Ohio State product stood at 6’4″ and weighed approximately 228 pounds. Pryor was labeled as an above-average athlete with astonishing potential as a quarterback. He ran his 40 time at a blazing speed of 4.38 but struggled with accuracy as he preferred to throw on the move. Pryor was not labeled as a traditional pocket passer, and his accuracy suffered as a result. Nonetheless, Pryor was given an opportunity in the third round of the supplemental draft by Al Davis. Unfortunately, his career did not go as planned.

Pryor possibly didn’t end up in the best situation, as coaching could have fixed his issues with decision-making, accuracy, and footwork. Pryor’s best asset was his legs; as we saw, however, potential could only take him so far. Pryor never solidified his position as a starting quarterback with the Raiders and was eventually traded to the Seattle Seahawks. Pryor ended his career as a wide receiver after switching positions with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2019.

We’ll always remember Pryor for one play, and one play only.

The potential is there… 

Anthony Richardson stands at 6’4″ and weighs approximately 238 pounds. Besides the familiar physical characteristics, NFL Draft Buzz also describes Richardson as an “athletic freak” who is projected to run a 4.40 40-yard dash. Richardson has a cannon for an arm and is a true dual-threat quarterback. Richardson’s rushing ability, similar to Pryor’s, gives the offense an edge where they can beat defenses with Richardson’s legs or in the air.

Richardson’s ceiling may be sky high; however, he displayed the same deficiencies scouts noted about Pryor. Richardson has demonstrated poor mechanics, accuracy issues, and difficulty reading the defense. Richardson would require an exorbitant amount of coaching, and it is unknown if the Raiders have the right coach in the building to fix him.

Does Anthony Richardson to the Raiders makes sense?

Pryor was selected in the third round of the supplemental draft. If the Raiders want to select Richardson in the 2023 NFL Draft, there is a chance they may have to use their seventh overall pick. Josh McDaniels does not appear to want to have a raw rookie quarterback lead their team, and some of his veteran players are on the same page. McDaniels needs to keep those same veterans happy, specifically Davante Adams, and bringing in a project quarterback will not appease the star receiver.

The reality of the new-age quarterback is that a dual-threat rushing quarterback is extremely effective. However, that quarterback has to be an accurate passer as well. Pryor struggled to throw the ball, and while Richardson can launch the ball 70 yards or more, he is also prone to missing wide-open receivers. There is a very real possibility that if the Raiders place their chips in Richardson’s basket, they may end up with a similar ending to the Terrelle Pryor experiment.

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1 thought on “Anthony Richardson could be a Terrelle Pryor Clone”

  1. Tyrelle Pryor!? You guys don’t want another TP2 when he was here and Reggie’s coaches sat him on the bench and put a rookie in the whole season fans thought it was a good thing. This guy may not have been a star QB but few Raiders had the maturity and attitutude Pryor had.

    The Raiders like Carr didn’t want him, Reggie was told to fire/ release/ trade as many of Al’s employees/ players as possible. He was NEVER given a chance to succeed in Oakalnd the ONLY reason he was named starter was becasue the Raiders were planning to get rid of C. Palmer because they didn’t want him either.
    They did everthing they could to replace Pryor before they could trade him. They bought in M. Flynn and that was a mistake, they made rookie QB M. McGloin the started after TP2 come back from a concussion then after the ’13 season they traded TP2.
    Even when he did good things like the 92 yard TD run against the Steelers, Reggie’s coaches complained about him. It had NOTHING to do with TP2 messing up, mistakes or talent, they just didn’t want him.

    Now you talk about bringing in a guy just like him? Yea, it would be o.k. now because Al didn’t draft Richardson and anybody excpet and Al player would be o.k.

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