Raiders QB Derek Carr was almost dealt to the Colts?

Pillage & Blunder: Derk Carr Debacle Marks End Of One QB Odyssey And A Beginning Of Another

Now we can all say, “Derek Carr, former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback.”

There will be no more semantic debates—no more shoulda, woulda, coulda. The deed is done. He was officially released on Tuesday afternoon.

The Silver and Black took a sizable pivot in the future of the franchise by sending Carr, the quarterback of the past nine seasons, out into the wilderness of free agency.

The debacle marks the end of one quarterback odyssey for the Raiders and the beginning of another.

Wait, debacle, you ask?

Both Derek Carr and the Raiders messed it up…

Las Vegas general manager Dave Ziegler face-planted with that no-trade clause in the contract extension for Carr. Derek Carr face-planted with his play during the 2022 season. The Raiders and the quarterback messed this up. Multiple things can be true, folks. It isn’t a this-or-that scenario.

The team not getting any draft compensation stings as much as Carr’s performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 16. That was the last time we saw DC4 under center for the Silver and Black.

The fury directed at both the Raiders and Carr is warranted. Releasing Carr provides no additional draft picks for Ziegler and Co. The team played its hand too early, and as a result, most teams did the logical thing and waited it out. And Carr doing what’s in his best interest was a large part of that — as reports surfaced the Raiders and New Orleans Saints had agreed on trade terms, but the QB wasn’t going to waive the no trade clause to facilitate it.

But it’s time to move on.

The anger directed at the franchise and Carr were final outbursts over a situation that was long overdue to end. It also highlights the Raiders’ general lack of standout quarterback play for two decades.

The list of quality signal callers since the team went 12-4 in 2000 has been pathetic, like the departing quarterback’s play.

The Raiders have moved on…

To correct this, Ziegler, head coach Josh McDaniels, and, by extension, owner Mark Davis decided to chart a new course—for better or worse. You can’t find out if the decision will inevitably be good or bad unless you make the choice. And the Raiders’ power structure was theirs.

You must give Carr credit where credit is due: he departs as the franchise leader in several statistical categories. And you can’t question his heart being dedicated to the Raiders.

Giving him kudos, however, doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the warts that go with all that.

But it’s over. Carr is no longer a Raider and is free to sign with any team immediately. He doesn’t have to wait until the official opening of free agency next month, which is a big advantage.

Meanwhile, the Raiders begin their search for a new signal caller. This decision by Ziegler and McDaniels shapes not only the future of the Raiders but also whether their tenures as general manager and head coach extend into 2024 and beyond.

Here’s some quick slant thoughts on the situation:

–The new quarterback gets nine years to prove himself, yeah? All kidding aside, the next heir apparent isn’t getting the latitude Carr got, bad defense or not. At least from me. I’m a big proponent of no absolution for any aspect of the Raiders, and if it’s a rookie QB or veteran, it doesn’t matter. The next quarterback will have a hand in the Raiders’ success and failure.

–If I’m Carr, I heard all that “can’t play in cold weather” mambo jumbo, and I’m signing with a team that plays in frigid temps to prove Mother Nature ain’t no thang.

–Are we in for a shift in Raider Nation? What I mean by that is that when I peruse the Twitter “TL,” there’s an apparent demarcation line between team fans and player-only fans. It’s not surprising to see some fans arrive when Carr was drafted. But it will be interesting to see if they stay or go with the Carr.

–The notion that this past season has been the most brutal or trying for Raiders fans is mind-boggling to me. The 2006 season was the most strenuous test for me, and if you survived that 2-14 Bed & Breakfast/Art Shell 2.0 season, you can survive anything.

–I’m of the notion of a bridge quarterback (whether that’s Jarrett Stidham or another veteran) and a 2023 draft prospect as the QB situation in Las Vegas this season. This way, Ziegler isn’t shipping draft picks in a trade and is using what’s available to move forward.

–That said, the big splash win-now type move is the Raiders trading for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. While I see that as a longshot, one can’t put it out of the realm of possibility completely.

*Top Photo: NFL’s official website

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