Future Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo?

Jimmy Garoppolo Embodies The New “Raider Way,” A True Winner Would Help The Raiders

Whether you like it or not, the addition of Jimmy Garoppolo to the Las Vegas Raiders makes sense for a few reasons. The most obvious is, of course, the connection between himself and the Raiders’ power duo of Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler. When you really stop to think about it, all three men know how to win. This is, of course, where this notion is coming from with regard to the new “Raider way.” Basically, this trio has won, and if it plays out this offseason, the Raiders could be doing some winning of their own.

Jimmy Garoppolo and the “new” Raiders?

Most people on social media used to go out of their way to discredit wins as a QB stat. For years, Derek Carr apologists would cite this argument. However, like anything else, agendas shift. Many of those who once vehemently defended Carr now find themselves distraught and are trying to discredit Garoppolo’s winning record. With the San Francisco 49ers, “Jimmy G” assembled a 38-17 record as their quarterback. Even so, many point to a dominant defense, a powerful and creative running game, and a host of other excuses as the reasons for Garoppolo’s success. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, Garoppolo was a winner, plain and simple. Nicknames and tropes aside, NFL locker rooms don’t concern themselves with what fans talk about. The fact is, if you don’t think the Raiders’ locker room will embrace a winner such as Garoppolo, you’ve got another thing coming. Is he a game manager? Perhaps. Then again, give Garoppolo a trio of Josh Jacobs, Davante Adams, and Darren Waller, under McDaniels’ guise, and good things will happen.

Funny enough, the biggest reason why Garoppolo makes sense is that picking him up gives you a proven bridge. The Raiders could still realistically draft C.J. Stroud, Will Levis, or Anthony Richardson. An ideal plan would see any of these rookies sit behind Garoppolo for two, maybe three years. At the same time, if you assemble a viable defense combined with the aforementioned offense, you will remain competitive. You do that, and you justify your position as head coach and general manager to the man whose opinion is the only one that matters, owner Mark Davis.

*Top Photo: Tony Avelar/Associated Press

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9 thoughts on “Jimmy Garoppolo Embodies The New “Raider Way,” A True Winner Would Help The Raiders”

    1. Are you serious he is so good the niners drafted a QB to replace him you idiots get your head out of your ass

  1. Look, I have concerns about his durability. He seems to miss 5-7 games a year.And by the way, whats wrong with Chase Garbers? The raiders drafted him in the 4th round, and sat a year under Carr. So why aren’t we giving him a chance? Or for that matter Stidham? Look the raiders gave Carr 9yrs. With that being said, I still say draft a qb in round 1 to cover all bets.

  2. Refusing to ignore that that Jimmy G has played only for two winning organizations, the Patriots and the Niners, and that his worst team any year was a hundred times better than Carr’s best team is not being a Carr apologist.
    My honest and FACTUAL assessment:
    *Jimmy G is a notch or two below Carr as a QB, but his extensive knowledge of this offense, compared to Carr’s learning curve will go along way towards bridging that difference.
    * Jimmy G is the best available option, unless we go from a 10-7 playoff team to full rebuild. After the Brady and Rodgers failures, (and getting old qbs no matter how great they were at an extravagant cost in both cap and draft capital, are as much failures as not getting them), our options are limited. After those two, the best available QB is….Carr, the guy we dumped (obviously a no-go), then Garoppolo, then a bunch of backups.
    *Jimmy G because of his record and despite his lack of availability will command the going rate, about $35M unless the market is reset by Rodgers or Lamar, or who knows who.
    * it works IF the team rebuilds the defense into a 15th or better ranked unit, a two-decade old problem, and if they beef up the OL to protect a talented but fragile QB, we may actually become a playoff potential team again. And under ANY scenario, even one where they had kept Carr, this is the year that they draft a QB, either a first rounder or an early round prospect, like say, Hooker from TN.
    * My last point does not factor in the possibility that the problem was McDaniels. As the rumors ramp up that most of the games we won were games where Carr blew off The Visor and changed plays, and just the fact that this was taboo, coupled with Broncos fans laughing at us because this is exactly the same way it went down on them, color me silver and black skeptic.
    Now, if you’ll kindly explain how some of this makes me a Carr apologist I’d appreciate it. I may be wrong, which I doubt, but I’m not anyone’s apologist.

  3. I like JimmyG, but if you dont have all the components he had here — strong running game, stronger defense, smart play-caller — that .690 winning percentage will be falling immediately and steadily,

    1. Honestly with our offense set as it is right now Jimmy can win 8 games. Maybe more with some online help in the draft. You start the defensive rebuild that may creep up to say 10 or so wins. I’ll take that. Draft the kid from Florida and let him learn from some top flight offensive weapons we have and see what happens!

  4. BROCK PURDY WAS 8-1 FOR THE 49ERS!!! Sign him if you are going to go by winning %. If Carr and Jimmy G switched places for the last 6 years the records would be reversed. Jimmy G doesnt sniff the playoffs in 2021 with the Raiders. Hes a game manager that has played for great coaches with top 10 defenses while Carr played for the most incompetent organization in all of sports.

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