Jarrett Stidham, QB, #3, Las Vegas Raiders (Photo by USA Today Sports)

Insider: Raiders Would Be “Disappointed” If Jarrett Stidham Is QB1

Despite multiple Pro Bowl appearances, the Las Vegas Raiders released long-time quarterback Derek Carr. The organization’s new power structure has opted to go in a different direction. The problem is that no one knows what that direction is as of today. Recent reports suggest that Aaron Rodgers isn’t the answer. Raiders fans are in an uproar over the notion that Jimmy Garoppolo could be in play. Nevertheless, according to one insider, if Jarrett Stidham ends up being the starter, that means the organization failed in its objective.

Hondo Carpenter of Sports Illustrated, who’s familiar with the situation on the ground, recently discussed all things Silver and Black on his podcast. Chief among the topics was the quarterback position.

“I understand fans who maybe like what they see in Jarrett Stidham or think he’s cheaper. But when you read the tea leaves on the coach and administration, if they end up going into next year with him as their head guy, I can guarantee you that was not the plan, and they are disappointed.”

To be fair, Stidham played his heart out when given the opportunity. People seem to forget how well he performed against the San Francisco 49ers on New Year’s. Yes, some of that can be attributed to the lack of game film on him, but still, Stidham showed out. The fact that Stidham could come cheap also works in the Raiders’ favor. They can go to work building a stout defense while maintaining an efficient offense that could feature Davante Adams, Darren Waller, and Josh Jacobs once again.

Stidham might not be Rodgers, but let’s not pretend like No. 3 is a scrub either. Another thing: if the Raiders draft C.J. Stroud or Anthony Richardson, Stidham holding down the bridge would make sense. Anything beats paying out $25 million or more a year for Garoppolo.

*Top Photo: USA Today Sports

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4 thoughts on “Insider: Raiders Would Be “Disappointed” If Jarrett Stidham Is QB1”

    1. I don’t think the Raiders will ever build a stout defense. The best thing for the Raiders is to have Mark Davis sell the team and focus on women’s basketball. As a long time Raiders fan, I’m tired of the poor management of the team that Davis has exerted over the years and of the later of years of Al, too. Sell the team to somebody who knows how to hire the right management and coaches, draft good players and invest in a well balanced team.

  1. I wish people would stop saying ‘Look how well he did against the 49ers’.
    Stidham did well against the 49ers much more because of how poorly the 49ers covered the Raiders receivers than because of brilliant play by Stidham. Maybe look at how well he DIDN’T do again the Chiefs a week later at home too; a team the Raiders almost beat away from home earlier in the season with Carr at the helm.

  2. The scouting report on Anthony Richardson is he struggles to make accurate passes or read defenses. Sounds like the perfecr Qb

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