Raiders HC Josh McDaniels can't catch a break, thanks to David Carr

Raiders HC Josh McDaniels Just Can’t Catch A Break, Courtesy Of Derek Carr’s Brother

It’s fascinating, but the Las Vegas Raiders head coach is truly one of the most vilified figures in the NFL. Be that as it may, Josh McDaniels has Super Bowl rings to back up the claim that he’s one of the most highly regarded offensive minds in football. While things didn’t go great in his first season in the desert, many offensive players saw career years and milestones. Regrettably, the now-ousted Derek Carr wasn’t among those playmakers. No shocker here, but the elder Carr, David, isn’t letting it go.

“I Know Some People…”

While sharing his thoughts on what went down between Carr and McDaniels, David took an obvious personal shot at the Raiders’ head honcho.

“This is just my opinion; I don’t speak for anybody in my family. I don’t speak for anybody from New England. But I know some people up there. I know some people who were in Las Vegas. I would say what happened in New England is Tom Brady ran the show, so he was able to bully Josh, and he would just say this is what we’re going to do, and if Josh said no, he would go to Bill’s office, and if Bill said no, he would go to Robert Kraft.”

What exactly is there to gain from Carr’s comment? Well, it depends on who you ask. The notion that Carr is in “the know” about what went on in New England between the trio of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Josh McDaniels is dubious at best. At the same time, maybe there’s a correlation between how McDaniels utilized his quarterback during his post-Brady days.

What is Raiders HC Josh McDaniels looking for in a QB?

Carr went on to mention that McDaniels is looking for a quarterback to whom he can “tell where to throw the ball.” In other words, McDaniels wants a signal-caller that’ll do exactly what he says. Well, let’s consider the success he’s had with quarterbacks not named Brady; it’s solid but clearly not enough to ease the nerves of Raider Nation.

As far as Josh getting “bullied,” maybe we should consider the source. Wasn’t it just last offseason that David Carr raved about his little brother and McDaniels being a perfect fit? Talk about selective outrage. You can talk about what McDaniels is looking for in a quarterback without painting him as a pushover. If that’s not a personal shot, then what is?

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10 thoughts on “Raiders HC Josh McDaniels Just Can’t Catch A Break, Courtesy Of Derek Carr’s Brother”

  1. Raiders HC Josh McDaniels just can’t catch a break is not Derek Carr’s brother’s issue, David Carr is simply pointing out details as he should. The RAIDER RAMBLE appears to be providing some sense of protection for the Raiders HC to protect their ability to provide subversive support through the media. The truth is that McDaniels has never succeeded as a head coach ever, truth. McDaniels succeeded as an offensive coordinator due to Tom Brady who factually got him his rings. Our current Raiders HC and the Raider Ramble should read the results of that poll that defined the problem. Our coach doesn’t listen to his players and therefore that fact aligns with what David Carr is saying, Derek Carr made decisions at the line that all experienced qb’s do only our coach apparently got his panties in a wad over that fact. Ego is our coach’s problem and now our problem. Who in Raider Nation will ever support a Patriots West team, like no Raider fan….that’s a fact!!!

    1. Haven’t been watching football long have you? Look at Tom Brady before McDaniels was his OC and when he was. While he was already a champion, being a game manager, he wasn’t the Tom Brady everyone wants to call the GOAT.

      McDaniels took a QB, without nearly the abilities that bum of a QB our team had, and turned him in to an All-time great. Because Brady has one thing the ReCarred doesn’t have. Heart.

      McD failed at him first HC gig. Guess who else did. Bill Belicheck.

      Yall in the Carrtel just mad. And his dumb ass brother isn’t making it any better.

    2. Yes!!!! Doug RR is a talking head who gets compensated for spinning stories positively for the Raiders. And “PatsBUZZ” yea Brady was so buddy-buddy with McDaniels that he left NE because he wanted do it “a different way” and when he had a chance to work with McDaniels again in LV he retired, stop being a talking head and report accurately!!!!!

    3. You do realize the Patriot blueprint when they were winning all those rings was taken directly from Al.

      So yes, someone who has been apart of Raider Nation for well over 40 years would like a so-called “Patriots West” because it would mean we are going back to our roots.

      Our fan base is becoming more like the Chargers fan base by the second.

      1. Hey Derek. Al’s philosophy was to pound the ball and throw deep on offense. Dont take what the defense gives – we take what we want. On defense it was to punish the qb and play tough physical defense. I don’t know that I agree that Tom Brady was a deep throwing bomber ala Daryl Lamonica or Kenny Stabler (earlier in his career). Not sure I agree with your statement that the Pariots copied Al. What makes you say that?

        1. As far as how the organization was ran. Sign the outcast. Get rid of good, but aging players. Draft well(not 2000’s AL).

          As far as on field philosophy goes, 3 of their 5 SB appearances they were more run heavy, then deep attack. Had Bo not got hurt the 90’s would have been ground heavy.

          Even Kraft tried to be Al for a moment in the early 2000’s.

    4. I very been a RAIDERS fan since 1988, when they drafted Tim Brown out of NOTRE DAME.
      And, Derek Carr had his chance & was a good QB. But, his time is over.

      Let’s let this coach build his own team & see what he can do. If RAIDERS team still losing after his 3rd season.

      My team has SUCKED for years.
      But, I’m a RAIDERS fan & McDaniels is the coach of the RAIDERS.

  2. Eddie L. Vibbert

    If I were David Carr I would shut my mouth & let my brother be a big boy & fight his own battles. Stop being Derek’s nursemaid.

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