David Carr Has Harsh Words For Raiders OT Jermaine Eluemunor

Raiders OT Jermaine Eluemunor Shoots Down Diss By David Carr: I Don’t Think He’s Trying To Disrespect Me

While former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is now on his way to the bayou, his family, on the other hand, is still dishing on the Silver and Black. NFL draft bust (but Super Bowl champion) David Carr, Derek’s older kin, recently unloaded on the Raiders. While many people, including Josh McDaniels, were on the receiving end of some harsh words, current tackle Jermaine Eluemunor was on the receiving end of some interesting comments.

“I think everybody, even Raiders fans, we need a right tackle, right? I remember talking to Dave Ziegler in OTAs, you got to get a right tackle. Never got a right tackle. We talked about some right tackles; we talked about a right tackle that happens to play for the Saints right now. He was one of the guys that I talked to them about. ‘Yeah, we’re trying to get him.’ They didn’t get him, he’s in New Orleans where Derek goes.”

First of all, the notion that David felt as if his input carried weight is somewhat comical. He was the older brother of the starting quarterback—that’s it, nothing more. He does make a good point regarding Raiders fans. Prior to the season, Raider Nation was at fever pitch, calling for Ziegler to sign a veteran tackle. Moving on from Alex Leatherwood and then losing Brandon Parker certainly threw things into a tailspin on the right side. Now, while David Carr doesn’t mention Eluemunor by name, you could argue it’s a shot at him and whomever played right tackle last season.

Be that as it may, Jermaine Eluemunor took the high road on Twitter.

Someone might want to remind the elder Carr that Eluemunor held his own down the stretch. He never recorded a Pro Football Focus pass-blocking grade lower than 70.0 (69.8, technically, in Week 15) after Week 12. Even so, Eluemunor had solid outings against the Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 9, 81.6) and Indianapolis Colts (Week 10, 76.9). Maybe not All-Pro numbers, but certainly not deserving of further selective outrage by the Carr family.

*Top Photo:  Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

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3 thoughts on “Raiders OT Jermaine Eluemunor Shoots Down Diss By David Carr: I Don’t Think He’s Trying To Disrespect Me”

  1. Whether Carr, the elder, was referring to Eluemunor specifically or not is beside the point; the Raiders offensive line was mostly s#@t for the first ? of the season, only just missing being dead last in week 2, and still being in the bottom half of the league by week 14. Just about every commentator said the same thing in pre-season: if the Raiders don’t get the offensive line sorted they’ll not get the production they should out of their skill players… and lo and behold, they were right.

    1. They should stuck with Reggie and del Rio, or brought back gruden. The current coach is a joke and always has been unless his daddy bill and the best quarterback ever are there to make him look good. Carr was a great quarterback for us the raiders just never could get him a halfway decent defense to help him out

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