Raiders QB Aidan O'Connell

Raiders Insider Insinuates QB Aidan O’Connell Is The “Steal Of The Draft”

The last time that the Raiders walked away with a “steal” at quarterback from the NFL Draft, it turned out pretty well—maybe that’s happened again.

Funny enough, the same quarterback has been in the headlines a lot this week, but hey, enough of that. In a recent edition of the “Raiders Insider” podcast, Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter made an interesting observation. In particular, Mr. Carpenter had high praise for rookie signal-caller Aidan O’Connell.

“If O’Connell had come out early from the Boilermakers, he would have been a first-round selection. Could he be the steal of the NFL Draft for the Silver and Black?”

While discussing a look ahead at the season, Carpenter posed a scenario in which Jimmy Garoppolo goes down. As a result, O’Connell becomes the starter, skipping ahead of grizzly veteran Brian Hoyer. Hoyer has been a serviceable backup in his career, but he’s not the long-term answer. That much we do know. However, the wild card is O’Connell, who will be entering his first NFL training camp. It goes without mentioning the level of offensive weapons that the Purdue prodigy could have at his disposal.

Is there any real depth to this? Possibly. Garoppolo’s health issues are well documented. In fact, it’s become somewhat of a joke among Raider Nation that it’s only a matter of time before “Jimmy G” is injured. Still, where does that leave the Raiders’ rookie?

Well, as Carpenter sees it, the Raiders might not be in such bad shape if O’Connell has to take the reins.

Did the Las Vegas Raiders draft a “steal” in Aidan O’Connell?

Considering that camp has yet to take place and O’Connell has not taken a snap, such praise is premature. Several draft experts and football scouts had O’Connell rated as a future NFL backup, with his ceiling being, well, Brian Hoyer. Others saw him as a potential sixth-round pick. The X-factor in all of this is Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels. Having worked with the likes of Tom Brady, McDaniels has consistently led some of the best offenses in the NFL during his career. O’Connell, despite where he was drafted, could very well be the answer for the Raiders.

Then again, we’re in peak offseason right now. If O’Connell ends up leapfrogging both Garoppolo and Hoyer, the whole “steal” conversation is suddenly a reality, regardless of record. Though some, as always, will point to the mismanagement of the quarterback position if O’Connell ends up starting on a losing team. There are too many “ifs” in that scenario.

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10 thoughts on “Raiders Insider Insinuates QB Aidan O’Connell Is The “Steal Of The Draft””

  1. People need to stop giving mcdaniels credit for what Brady did. I think Brady won a couple of super bowls under weiss before mcdaniels was OC. 4 or 5 wins. Probably too many wins to get one of the stud qbs and fans have to suffer through another terrible season.

    1. Not sure anyone on the planet thinks mcdaniels is responsible for Brady’s success. However, mcdaniels was the offensive coordinator for a bunch of good rosters and was successful.

  2. While it is nice to read something positive out of this website – how can there be a “steal” before a game has been played? Lets look back in a couple of years and hopefully the “steal” will be confirmed.

    1. Uncle Hondo’s words, not ours. You’re right though, we got to wait. Also, if you harp on the occasional post that you don’t agree with as not “positive,” you’ll never enjoy our website. Cheers, mate.

      1. I don’t believe I am harping I haven’t read that much content from your website and the denigration of Derek carr irritated me a ton. I stand behind my positive comment and glad you agree with me re draft analysis before games are played. Let’s hope Mr Carpenter is correct with his assessment of our young qb. I’ll drink to that! Cheers!

  3. At this point, I would be happy with any steals the Raiders are able to find on offense or defense. I hope for the best, for all of our new arrivals.

  4. As a longtime raider fan, it would be great to think that Aidan O’Connell is the band and could be some thing, but I think the way some of the critics are talking these days the Raiders are gonna take their season and go for the number one pick for next year That’s sad for people like me. I have been fans for 40 years to watch and sent through another horrible season raider football which we know after this season if they if they do suck, McDaniels will be gone and we’re gonna have to start all over with a new coach, and a new system And they will be waiting another two or three years for the team to get good and my time is running out. I’m 61 years old raiders forever though.

  5. Aiden O’Oconnell started only one season at the university of Purdue. He completed his passes for 65 percent 3490 passing yard, 22 td and 13 interceptions.**senior year… As a junior his numbers were even better. He threw for 3712 with 28 TDs and 11 interceptions. Oh yeah, and a completion rate of 71.5 percent. Thats the reason mr. Carpenter believes he would have been a 1st round selection. Those are good numbers. Good but not GREAT. from what ive seen, O’Connell does not have good mobility. Hes a drop back passer with long strides. Honestly I aint happy with this QB selection. That kid from UCLA was available as well as that other Fresno state QB. O’CONNEL REMINDS ME OF ANDREW WALTERS that QB from ARIZONA STATE the raiders drafted back in the mid 2000’s…

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