Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Derek Carr: Did The Raiders Upgrade?

Jimmy Garoppolo Is An Upgrade Over The Raiders’ Former Quarterback

Following the release of Derek Carr, Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels finally has an opportunity to coach his guy at quarterback again. Depending on which member of Raider Nation you ask, Jimmy Garoppolo may be the sexiest free-agent acquisition of the offseason.

Here at The Raider Ramble, our staff members Phil Robinson III and Hunter Haas give their thoughts on the transition from Garoppolo to Carr.

Phil: There are many reasons why Jimmy G is an upgrade over Carr and a better fit for the 2023 Las Vegas Raiders. Instead of asking you to take my word for it, I brought in some help. Hunter Haas, Raider Ramble deputy editor, has accepted the challenge of showing you the superiority of the Raiders’ new man under center.

Hunter: What’s up, Phil? I admittedly came into this article expecting a minimal difference between Carr and Garoppolo. I am pleased to say that I was wrong. Let’s dive in for a deeper look at why Jimmy G is not only an upgrade but a considerable one.

Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Derek Carr

Records: Derek Carr Falls Short

Phil: Jimmy G is 40-17 as a starting quarterback. He has been to three NFC Championship games and participated in two, winning one. During his six seasons as a starter dating back to 2016, his worst two records are 3-3 and 1-2. Garoppolo boasts a winning record in every other season he has participated in.

Hunter: Carr, on the other hand, is 16 games below .500 as a starter. He lost his lone playoff appearance, only completing 53.7 percent of his passes vs. the Cincinnati Bengals. Granted, the Raiders haven’t been anywhere near as stable as San Francisco, but the numbers are damning all the same. When it comes to winning football games, Garoppolo towers over Carr.

Style: Mr. GQ Takes The Win

Phil: When it comes to swag, there simply is no competition at all. One looks like a camp counselor, while Jimmy G has blessed the cover of GQ magazine.

Hunter: When you are right, you are right. Garoppolo clears the field with his dashing good looks. Carr resembles childhood Hunter, rocking a buzz cut after his mom refused to go to a real barber. I feel your struggle, Derek!

On-Field Ability: Garoppolo Checks The Boxes

Phil: Jimmy scored higher on his Wonderlic than Carr. The Raiders franchise passing leader has better, more consistent arm strength. Additionally, Carr is an inch taller, 10 pounds lighter, and a superior athlete. The deciding factor is Jimmy G’s anticipatory ability to score, plus his production in the red zone. Meaning: He throws to where the receiver is going to be open, not at the receiver himself.

Hunter: Great analysis here, and I will follow it up with another nugget. Garoppolo ranks third in NFL history in completion percentage (minimum 1,500 attempts). Joe Burrow and Drew Brees are the only names above Jimmy G. This is a direct result of the anticipatory throws Phil touched on. Carr is the better athlete, but Garoppolo is better in most other areas.

Which QB Do You Want To Party With?

Phil: When adult entertainers are offering complimentary services for life, that may very well be the direction most young men are going to head in. The late great Kenny “Snake” Stabler was known for reading playbooks by the light of the jukebox. Garoppolo has got it all: The good looks, the swag, and the wins to back it up.

Hunter: Derek Carr seems like the poster child for the “I bet you’re fun at parties” meme. I’m sure the guy is actually fun to be around, but Garoppolo’s company would be a lot more… interesting. Jimmy G is the guy that hosts the party, while Carr is the one you go to church with on Sundays to pray for forgiveness.

Who Is The Best Fit With The Raiders?

Phil: Jimmy G is the better fit for the current installment of the Raiders. Carr is more of an old-school drop-back passer with modernized athleticism. Who passes the eye test when lined up shoulder-to-shoulder? Jimmy G is the one who fits the Raiders’ mystique.

Hunter: Hard to disagree with you, Phil. Garoppolo fits the vibe that Dave Ziegler and McDaniels are looking for. Carr is more likely to push back against McDaniels, while Jimmy G is more of a “yes man”. Typically, that isn’t a quality trait to have, but as an NFL quarterback, it is vital. The proven winner with a willingness to accept hard coaching gets the nod.

*Top Photo: Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports

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