Stephen A Smith Roasts Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Stephen A. Smith Takes Weird Shot at Jimmy Garoppolo; Broncos Prepare for Week 1 vs. the Raiders

Is Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in hot water? Well, if you’re ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, the veteran definitely finds himself in controversy. The First Take co-host had no time for the 31-year-old after he was recently asked about the Trey Lance trade. 

Back on the field, the Raiders’ Week 1 opponent, the Denver Broncos, are wasting no time preparing for the Silver and Black. After both teams failed to make the playoffs last season, the two squads want to start 2023 with a victory. 

There’s plenty to dive into regarding the Raiders, so let’s get into the latest. 

Stephen A. Smith: “Jimmy Garoppolo needs to shut up”

Garoppolo recently appeared on NFL Network, and of course, the Raiders signal-caller was asked about the Lance trade. The most notable preseason transaction was the San Francisco 49ers sending the No. 3 overall selection in 2021 to the Dallas Cowboys for a Day 3 draft pick. 

The two-time Super Bowl champion was Lance’s teammate for two seasons and knows the young player enough to comment. Garoppolo expressed excitement that the North Dakota State product could potentially compete for a starting job elsewhere.

So it’s no surprise that various media outlets want his take on what’s happening with his former team. Nonetheless, the Raiders quarterback did mention to Sports Illustrated (h/t Yahoo! Sports) that there have “been a lot of weird situations over there in San Francisco” regarding the 49ers’ handling of their quarterbacks. 

Let’s say this poke at his former team resulted in the ESPN morning host going off on “Jimmy G.” Furthermore, Smith went entirely off the field with his remarks criticizing the former 49ers star (you’ll understand in a few more sentences).

“My perspective is Jimmy Garoppolo needs to shut up. Just shut up and play. Okay?” Smith said on First Take Wednesday (h/t Awful Announcing). “Nobody wants to hear from you. It’s rare that he plays. He spends more time in an infirmary than on a football field, some would argue. If he ain’t doing that, he’s with porn stars on Melrose Place in California.”

Garoppolo likely knows the behind-the-scene details from his time in the Bay Area. Still, the former 49ers signal-caller probably got one last dig at San Francisco before he turns his full attention to this season. 

So what do you say, Raiders fans? Are sports and NFL media members blowing any of Garoppolo’s comments out of proportion? Let us know. 

The Broncos are entirely focused on the Raiders

Denver was one of the more disappointing teams in Year 1 with Russell Wilson under center. The Broncos hired Sean Payton as their head coach this offseason, and he’s bringing changes. While the Week 1 contest against Las Vegas isn’t until Sept. 10, Payton isn’t wasting time preparing his team for the Silver and Black. 

Aric DiLalla, the Broncos’ lead writer, reported on Wednesday that Payton said the Denver coaches have started working on a game plan for the Las Vegas Raiders. In addition, DiLalla adds that Monday’s practice will be the first fieldwork dedicated to preparing for the Raiders.

All NFL teams finalized their 53-man roster this week, but this process has a mental aspect. After all, coaching staffs across the league must give bad news to certain players that they won’t be on the team and, therefore, won’t have a job. 

However, that doesn’t stop Payton from going from the grind of training camp and preseason to Week 1 right out of the gate. While Payton hopes to set a tone by preparing his staff early for the Raiders, it will be up to the Silver and Black to give the former New Orleans Saints head coach a rude awakening.

*Top Photo: Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

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6 thoughts on “Stephen A. Smith Takes Weird Shot at Jimmy Garoppolo; Broncos Prepare for Week 1 vs. the Raiders”

  1. COULD NOT AGREE MORE with Stephen. Its all about a lot less talk and a whole lot more walk with Jimmy. Its time to ” PUT UP AND SHUT UP” Jimmy. Get it done with no more excuses and NO MORE BS.

  2. Stephen A Smiths middle name is east to figure out. Talk about someone who needs to shut up. Just another talking head.

  3. This is still my favorite team but they make the dumbest decisions in the NFL. They go rid of D.Waller, J. Cook, K. Mack not to mention coach Hue Jackson after one season and now they put their faith in Jimmy Garrapolo, are you serious. The only way this guy makes it through the season is if he rides the bench, he’s Alright when he’s healthy but soon as he gets hit he’s out, the guy is like a fragile wine glass & I’m saying he will not make it through the full 17 game season. Last but not least I am a very traditional kind of guy and I wish they would’ve never left Oakland the first or the second time, so now their in Vegas and I’m still supporting this team. Maybe I’m just as dumb as this organization. I thought things would go in a different direction after the passing of Al, but boy was I wrong, Mark is definitely his father’s son. I truly believe that it’s going to be another long season, the last time the Raiders won a Superbowl my kids weren’t even born and their both in there 30’s. One thing I am happy about is they didn’t insist on signing that loud mouth arrogant idiot Antonio Brown, if you ask me about something your gonna get the cold hard truth, peace.

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