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NFL “Analyst” Believes Raiders Are Headed For A Reality Check On Sunday

Despite an underwhelming start to their 2023 season, the Las Vegas Raiders have rallied behind interim coach Antonio Pierce. If we’re getting technical, the team is 2-0 under the former linebacker, but is his team about to get a reality check? Well, one often-panned analyst seems to think so.

Once a pupil of former Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels back in Denver during the 2009 season, Chris Simms had some harsh words regarding the Silver and Black. Pro Football Talk, headed by Mike Florio, will never win a popularity contest with Raiders fans. Still, we can’t help but pay attention.

“They [the Raiders] are 5-5, but it kind of fell just right for the Raiders. This little story book thing you got going here ends this week. It melts in the Miami sun. It melts when Tyreek Hill does his second backflip of the day after scoring a 60-yard touchdown. I just think the Miami defense is getting better. I think the week off Miami will recalibrate on the offensive side of the ball.”

Are the Raiders and Antonio Pierce in trouble this Sunday?

Florio and Simms are no strangers to riling feathers when it comes to the Raiders. In fact, Florio went so far as to defend McDaniels when owner Mark Davis dropped “the hammer,” so to speak, back on Halloween. Even still, it’s hard to argue against the facts. The Raiders’ next opponent that awaits them in Miami has one of the most explosive offenses in the league.

When looking at the scope of the Raiders’ last two victories, they were largely against lowly offenses. Sure, the defense has looked solid—dare I say “good” at times—but which of Patrick Graham’s defenders will be responsible for trying to slow down Tyreek Hill? How do you account for both Hill and Jaylen Waddle simultaneously? Also, the Raiders have been getting gashed while defending the run. Allowing nearly five yards per carry (4.9) could actually catch up with Pierce’s boys on Sunday.

Maybe Simms isn’t too far off base.

*Top Photo: Darrell Craig Harris, Raiders Today

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15 thoughts on “NFL “Analyst” Believes Raiders Are Headed For A Reality Check On Sunday”

  1. (By Tony Brucks)

    Like Woody Harralson said.
    “Its time to nut-up or shut up”.

    This game will be one of the toughest all year and equal with KC.
    Like I heard growing growing up…”Ain’t Skerd”

    Who’s up for a fish fry?


  2. When was the last time Chris Simms was right about anything? Sucked as a player, sucks as an analyst and ol Flo can go pound sand!

  3. (by GTHANG)

    This game was a circled loss the day the schedule was released. 10 am east coast game in humidity is tough for any west coast team.

    That said, we have a lot better shot now that the
    McGeniuses are gone. We won’t be starting a broken down noodle arm at QB, we have revived the running game and return game, and we’re utilizing the entire roster based on production, not favoritism.

    McDaniels sycophants like Florio, Simms and Lombardi have taken a beating the last few weeks. They are banking on this game to help wipe the egg off their faces.

    But we all remember the Buffalo game, right? And the Bears game? Those games were over in the first half. I expect a much better showing on Sunday.

  4. Sure, we could very easily get blasted do to the weather, start time, and explosiveness of this offense but I bet you one thing: they’re gonna be out there playing their hearts out and that’s far more than you can say about what they would have done after going down a couple scores with McDaniels st the helm.

  5. I’m Fish. And the Raiders scare the crap out of me.That team is on a next guy up roll.Your a Raider.Phins be ready to get punched in the mouth and you better ready to answer.Peace out.

  6. The Raiders have something to prove this week and they have momentum. This should be a close one! Go Raiders!!

  7. Go Raiders, I know it well be a tough game, but work hard, stay ficussed on each play and show your commitment to Excellence….all I ask, just win baby!!

  8. I’m a Raiders fan dating back to Kenny Stabler
    And my favourite Raider of all time Fred best
    Hands and no drops .

    Raiders have underwhelmed for 30 years
    Except for Gruden first time around .

    However stuff Josh Jacobs down their throats .Play great defense and who knows

  9. F&$K Simms & Florio! The game still have to be played! Everyone has an opinion and every so-called ‘expert’ got their analysis. Play the game!

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