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Josh Jacobs Or Saquon Barkley: Better Option For The Raiders?

The Las Vegas Raiders‘ running back group is in a unique position, perhaps more so than ever. Josh Jacobs wants to be a Raider, and Raider Nation wants him to stay one, but it’s not that simple. Is it ever?

Tom Telesco, the new general manager in Sin City, has the task of either retaining No. 8 or, as much as fans don’t want to hear this, parting ways with the best running back in Raiders history since Marcus Allen. However, as we’ve all seen, Jacobs’ position has seen much devaluation, hence why Saquon Barkley is an option this offseason.

Should the Raiders go with Saquon Barkley this offseason?

If Jacobs opts to take a hometown discount and sticks around to see things through with head coach Antonio Pierce, the need for Barkley is a moot point. Even still, Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News listed the former Giants Pro Bowl running back as an option (or rather, an alternative). Even though Barkley could still return to the Big Apple on a new deal, for now, he’s available. Leonard went on to list various teams who’d be suitors, and, you guessed it, the Raiders are on the short list.

“Sources view the Ravens, Raiders, Bears, Patriots, Texans, and Eagles as some primary potential suitors who have the resources, need, and interest to possibly sign Barkley.”

If we’re being honest, both Jacobs and Barkley didn’t seem like their usual selves last season, though for different seasons. Regardless, both of them are still far from what we would consider “old,” even for a running back. Barkley, 27, and Jacobs, 26, still have some productive seasons in front of them, although wear and tear is working against them. Neither cracked at least four yards per carry last year, 3.9 (Barkley) and 3.5 (Jacobs), respectively. Howbeit, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Both players are still effective in the passing and receiving game, and for Jacobs, he’s crucial in the blocking aspect as he’s displayed year in and out. Overpaying for a running back just isn’t smart in today’s NFL, so would the Raiders really give Barkley a big contract when Jacobs could be signed at a hometown discount? Well, I assume there’s going to be a hometown discount, right?

What say you, Raider Nation?

*Top Photo: NBC 3 New/Las Vegas

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