Las Vegas Raiders DE Maxx Crosby, Sean Payton

Maxx Crosby On Raiders Being Targeted: “People Are Sensitive These Days”

Las Vegas Raiders star defensive end Maxx Crosby had to clarify some of his head coach’s words, particularly referring to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, which has led to a media backlash.

The rivalry between the Raiders and Chiefs has largely been one-sided this century, and that much is undeniable. However, last season displayed somewhat of a shift in the paradigm. Well, at least if you ask Antonio Pierce, who has assumed the full-time mantle of Raiders head coach. Following remarks that the team had found a way to beat Mahomes (aka the Mahomes Rules), media pundits across the entire media landscape overreacted. Now, all eyes are on the Silver and Black—thankfully, Crosby tried to clear the air.

Raiders vs. Chiefs, Crosby vs. Mahomes, and Pierce vs. the media

Speaking with Vegas Sports Today, Maxx Crosby called out the ridiculousness of the media, or rather, the people in it.

“People are sensitive these days, so they take things out of context. But, yeah, he’s got multiple MVPs and Super Bowls; if we want to win, we got to take him down. That goes for everybody. He knows I’m coming for him; I’m on that energy every day. It’s not malicious. We play the game the right way, but we play with ill intent, and we play violent.”

If you’re trying to analyze what Crosby and Pierce said to that end, it’s simple: you hit Mahomes, you bring him down, and you’ll win. It’s a tale as old as the league itself: whether it was Tom Brady, Joe Montana, or Troy Aikman, you knock the quarterback to the ground and things will happen. Neither Crosby nor Pierce have ever alluded to injuring Mahomes in any way; in football, people get hit even if the NFL has gone out of its way to protect quarterbacks.

Despite all of that, no one can deny that Pierce has placed a target on Crosby and the Raiders. Perhaps that’s how they want it. If nothing else, these Raiders under Pierce aren’t afraid to be themselves, even if it means feathers getting riled.

*Top Photo: Benjamin Hegar/Las Vegas Review-Journal

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