Khalil Mack Replacements, or is there such a thing?

The shock and awe of the blockbuster Khalil Mack trade will sting Raider Nation for some time. It is always difficult when the team that you have adored all your life seems to consistently let you down. This is another … Continue reading Khalil Mack Replacements, or is there such a thing?


Raiders’ Questionable Fandom

According to Emory University, the Oakland Raiders have the 21st best fans in the NFL. Here is the compilation of results for how the study of fandom tested out.
This rather fishy poll includes fan, social, and road equity. The Oakland Raiders fall in at No. 31 in fan equity, which means Raider Nation does not really like to burn their hard-earned cash on almost anything Silver & Black. They are No. 4 in road equity, which sort of makes the low standing in fan equity seem very disputable and hard to fathom. While No. 19 in social media seems reasonably inadequate at best. Continue reading Raiders’ Questionable Fandom

Opinion: Will Pressure Crumble Gruden Instantaneously?

It has now been over four months since Jon Gruden rejoined the Oakland Raiders as its latest head man. After a well thought out free agency period the Silver and Black was retooled with some questionable aging veterans.

Then came a risky three days in Jerry’s World during draft weekend. And of course, the impending move to Las Vegas that is still on everyone’s mind. It has led to a few analysts conjuring the topic of whether the 100 million dollar man is worth it Continue reading Opinion: Will Pressure Crumble Gruden Instantaneously?