Poll: How Do Raiders Fans Feel About The New Defensive Coordinator?

The Las Vegas Raiders have moved on from defensive coordinator Paul Guenther after a year full of regression and embarrassing performances. Now that ‘Paulie G’ is gone, how do fans feel about Rod Marinelli taking over?

It was a recurring theme all season, scratch that, it’s been a recurring theme for the last three years. Raider Nation had seen enough of Guenther, whether it was the terrible playcalling or the lack of improvement. Keep in mind Guenther’s the only coach to have ever shut down Patrick Mahomes for half a game. While that may be true, he’s also the same coordinator that allowed the New York Jets to look like a playoff team.

Despite Josh Dubow’s observation, the problem for the Raiders since Jon Gruden’s return has been the defense. The offense led by quarterback Derek Carr has been solid in 2020 despite the running game struggling. Be that as it may, it was obvious the defense was holding everyone back, and now, Guenther’s gone, and in his stead is former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli.

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Raiders Fan Shared Their Thoughts On Marinelli…

Here at the Raider Ramble, we decided to take the case to our readers via Twitter. As always, Raider Nation always spoke their mind on the matter. As far as the actual poll, the votes overwhelmingly point to the firing coming too late. Surprisingly, quite a few fans opted for ‘pleading the fifth’ choosing not to weigh in at the moment. Perhaps they’re burned out from such a roller coaster of a season. In regards to the responses, we’ll let you take a look and have you make up your own minds on Marinelli.

If you want to make your voice heard you too can go to our poll here and make your voice heard, Ramble On, Raider Nation.

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As soon as Marinelli was hired, it was a countdown till he took over. Gunther was probably looking over his shoulder all season. Not a great dynamic to have. So lets see. We should be able to go 10-6. It is there for the taking. Hopefully we will be more sound. Its a move that had to be made but it’s not all on the coach. Some of the things you see the players do on the field are head scratchers. Coach A


Marinelli is known for the Detroit Lions 0 and 16 winless season. Who says it can’t get worst?


I say anything’s better than Paul Gunter we might as well not pay any defensive coordinator and let them score and just stay on offense LOL


Raider Nation we need a new quarterback Derek Carr ain’t about s*** ” he always throwing BAD passes in the RED ZONE period $$$


D.C. SHOULD have been FIRED 4 games ago. Bring in Buddy Ryan, there’s STILL time to make playoffs but, WE NEED a GOOD D.C. ” WE WEAR THE SILVER, WE WEAR THE BLACK, OTHERS WILL IMITATE, BUT, NO ONE ! ! ! . . CAN DUPLICATE ! ! ! . . . RAIDER NATION ! ! ! . . . RN4L the SILVER & BLACK


Fire Marinelli, beg B squared to come back from AZ, and hire Ryan now….

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