Raiders Late Owner Al Davis Would Trade For Deshaun Watson Immediately

Charlie Riedel/Associated Press

Derek Carr has reached a plateau

The jury is no longer out on Carr. He’s exactly what we have seen over his seven-year career. He is a good, above-average starting quarterback. He gives the occasional performance that is of a high standard, and the occasional performance that is below par. You can confidently pencil him in as a quarterback that hovers around the top ten to twelve in the league. He is by no means a bad quarterback.

But good was never good enough for Al Davis. In that 30 for 30, footage of Davis showed the former owner asserting that all he ever wanted to do was “dominate”. When speaking of his offensive philosophy, Davis noted that ‘I hear everyone say it…take what they give you… I always went the other way, we’re gonna take what we want.’ If you don’t think Al Davis would want to take a flyer on Deshaun Watson, you’re kidding yourself.

The prevailing argument against trading for Watson is that a) the price is too steep and b) the Raiders’ issue is the defense, not the quarterback. Keep in mind that arguing for an upgrade at quarterback is not an argument against upgrading the defense. It is perfectly possible to accomplish both. In fact, if the Raiders are able to get two first-round picks for Carr, and package that with two of their own for Watson, they’d really only be giving up two first-rounders for Watson. That is undoubtedly a bargain.

The Raiders haven’t hit on their first-rounders

People might be averse to trading away first-rounders, but picks are only as good as the players chosen with them. Look at the Raiders’ five first-round choices over the last two years. Josh Jacobs might be said to be the only sure-fire hit. Johnathan Abram has had flashes, albeit struggles too. Henry Ruggs has flashed serious potential, but he has been misused. Clelin Ferrell and Damon Arnette have both struggled to make an impact that warrants their selection.

Of those five first-rounders, the Raiders drafted one player who has had an immediate and profound impact on the team. That’s a 20% success rate. Not that the other players are not successes, they just haven’t shown it yet.

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4 thoughts on “Raiders Late Owner Al Davis Would Trade For Deshaun Watson Immediately”

  1. Absolutely and categorically disagree with your rationale. And many Raider fans obsession with discussion regarding Receivers, Carr, and other Offensive options to the continued detriment of the defense is old hat and bordering on ridiculous.

    Carr finished in the top ten this year in almost every statistical category. How about see how he performs with a solid line not continually beleaguered by injuries. By a formidable Defense that isn’t hamstrung by a bad Coordinator who can’t/won’t adapt systems to his players, and has had a weak almost non-existent at times back end for well nigh a decade.

    Continually trading proven “character” players, e.g. Joseph, Mack, Murray, we can have more discussions about Receivers and other offensive weapons, when we can’t even coach up the talent we got in house? No Sir!

  2. Maybe he would. But that doesn’t make it a good idea. Al made plenty of bonehead moves as a GM, especially later when it seemed that the NFL had passed him by.

    So let’s look at this “deal”: In exchange for a QB that is a little bit better than your current QB, you double the amount of the salary cap allocated to the QB position, trade away your top draft picks for at least the next two seasons, give this 25 year old diva veto power over key hires for your franchise, and deal with his bitching and moaning when the team doesn’t win (because it won’t). Oh, and in four years he is free to leave for the highest bidder. Doesn’t exactly sound like a recipe for success, does it?

  3. This is f****** stupid ! Our defense is the worst in the f****** league and you wanna send 2 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder ! Our defense is still gonna be f****** terrible! Wattson went 4-12 with a better defense than the raiders have . We aren’t going no where unless we bulk up that defense

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