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Aaron Rodgers Could Immediately Turn Raiders Into Contenders

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks of this generation. Although he once helped the Green Bay Packers win a Super Bowl, there are reports he no longer wants to play for the Wisconsin team. Should the Las Vegas Raiders try to trade for him?

Not long ago, Rodgers told some within the Packers he doesn’t want to go back to Green Bay, per Adam Schefter of ESPN. Later, a report arose different members of the team’s brass met with him to mend things. Alas, the 2005 first-round pick has made it clear he won’t budge. As a matter of fact, he told prospective free agents this offseason he wouldn’t be with the Packers, per Mike Garafolo of NFL Media. Moreover, he wants to get general manager Brian Gutekunst fired, per Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports.

So let’s say the Packers facilitate a deal, why should the Raiders acquire Rodgers? Simply, he’s a top-two quarterback that can make everybody around him better. On the other hand, incumbent Derek Carr is talented but needs everything going in his favor for him to succeed.

Meanwhile, Rodgers gets the Packers into the postseason year in and year out. Even more surprising is the fact he does it despite the fact Green Bays seem more interested in looking for his replacements rather than actually putting a good team around him.

There’s the Jon Gruden factor

Do you want another reason for the Raiders to acquire Rodgers? Head coach Jon Gruden. The man also known as “Chucky” is hyper-competitive and demands the most from his quarterbacks. His unrealistic expectations tend to burn his players out unless they are as competitive as him. Do you remember Rich Gannon? He says that if players want to succeed under Gruden, they need to be as driven and competitive as him.

“It takes a special guy to play for him because he is so intimately involved. He’s so passionate and if you don’t have that same passion and drive, it’s not going to work.

Do you know who fits that profile? That’s right, Rodgers desperately wants someone to coach him hard.

“I said, I love being coached, love talking football with smart coaches. I love the input, the dialogue, the conversation, I love feeling like I need to play well for my coach, like he is expecting me to play well.”

You could argue Rodgers is a diva and difficult to work with and you’re right, he can be overwhelming but if someone can keep his ego in check and channel that talent of his is Gruden. In fact, Gruden and Rodgers could be a match made in heaven.

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Trading for Aaron Rodgers would be worth it

The Raiders passed up the chance to draft Rodgers in 2005 and instead they took Fabian Washington. They may now have an opportunity to land him, but how much would it cost? If Las Vegas is serious about acquiring the three-time league MVP, they should offer Carr and two first-round picks.

You could argue first-round selections are the primary means for a team to add talent. However, picks are only as good as the men drafting and the Raiders don’t have a good record of using them in recent years. Moreover, the Los Angeles Rams have shown they can get around without first-round picks. In fact, the last time they had one was back in 2016.

Some general managers treat first-round picks as the ultimate way to get better. If that’s the case, why not use those premium resources in one of the three best quarterbacks in the NFL. Rodgers is 37 and isn’t getting any younger. However, if Las Vegas can squeeze three or four great years out of him, the trade will have been worth it.

The Raiders have a good quarterback in Carr. On the other hand, they could have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get one of the best ones. Yes, the difference between borderline top 10 and top 3 is significant. Think about it, for ‘4’ to reach his potential, he needs to be surrounded by talent.

There’s no doubt the Raiders can be good with Carr at the helm. However, Rodgers can take them to the next level. They have a promising team in place, they now just need a quarterback that can make use of all the weapons they have at their disposal. If they had the chance to pick between Carr and Rodgers, who do you think they would pick?

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18 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers Could Immediately Turn Raiders Into Contenders”

  1. Aaron might be an upgrade, but he’s also about 7.5 years older and makes a hell of a lot more money than Carr. And other than Waller I’m not sure what weapons you are talking about. The wide receivers are underperformers and the running game was very disappointing last year. Everything has a price.

    That said, I’m sure the Raiders would do a swap for the right price. But that price would probably be Carr plus a first and I’m betting the Packers want more than that even though Rodgers turns 38 this year.

  2. Ya!!I leave a comment!!GO F*** YOURSELF!!Rogers’s coming here is a retarded comment like yourself!!How about focusing on the worse defense in football!!I suppose he going to fix that too by coming here!!

  3. No!!! Derek Carr is our QB. If you give him a good defense not ranked 30th in the league, he would throw for 35-40 TD’s because he would get more possessions. I like Aaron Rodgers because I’m a Cal Berkeley Alum. But I’ll pass

  4. All sounds great until you consider that the Raiders would have to release half the team and find trade partners for Carr and Mariota to afford Rodgers and his demands for a new contract for 5 years and more money than Mahomes. Not to mention he is almost 40, and you will have no draft picks to get his eventual replacement. Even if you do draft his replacement, he’ll cry and sulk and demand a trade somewhere else. No thanks.

  5. The title is stupid and I won’t read the article. The Raiders are already contenders and DC was and is not a reason when is the playoffs. Why sacrifice future draft capital for a QB that’s planning to play maybe two years?

  6. Fernando Herrera

    Please get rid of Carr , get Rodgers now or will never be a force in the afc , with Rodgers we can finally be a team that doesn’t let us true raider fans down every season … GET RID OF CARR !!!!!

  7. Rogers’s is definitely better than Carr but we would still have to stop opposing offenses. Rogers’s can’t put pressure on Mahomes or cover Kelce, until we figure out our defense it wouldn’t matter. Just like with Green bay when they couldn’t stop Tampa. We might win more games but in the long run it wouldn’t matter…

  8. I love being a die hard Raider fan! I also love how loyal we are as members of the Nation. But for the love of God why would we not want Aaron Rodgers? This is all just a bunch of talk anyway because he’s not leaving Green Bay period! I agree that DC is the man we’re riding with but he’s no Aaron Rodgers! 2016 is over and done with and the Colts did more to Carr than break his leg that day. I just want us to keep it real that having Rodgers would be one helluva an upgrade!

  9. God, anybody who wants Rodgers to be a Raider is beyond a moron, and they have literally no clue about football. Rodgers has 1-5 years left at best, and the amount it would cost(draft picks, and cuts or trades to afford him) isn’t worth 1-5 years. Meanwhile, Carr isn’t that much of a downgrade, if any, and he still has nearly a decade of legitimate playing years left. Carr is an elite QB, and anybody who says different doesn’t pay attention, or only looks at wins and losses in a TEAM sport. Carr is also one of the only QBs in the league who can handle being disrespected constantly. Rodgers couldn’t even handle the Packers drafting another QB in the first round. What do you think life is going to be like for Rodgers with Gruden as his coach? You know the guy that seems to have a love affair with every QB he sees… I guarantee you Rodgers would be crying like a little bitch if he had to put up with all the s*** Carr has, from the media, to the “fans”(anyone who bashes Carr after all he has done for the Raiders, isn’t a real Raider fan, period). The man owns nearly every passing record the Raiders have, and people still treat him like s***. I love how some “fans” talk about how great guys like Stabler, Plunkett, and Gannon are, yet bash Carr, as if he hasn’t broken every single one of their passing records with a hell of a lot less to work with. I get it, people are tired of losing, however if you think trading for Rodgers or any other QB for that matter, is going to magically change that, I got some oceanfront property in the Rocky Mountains for sale you can buy… 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  10. The question to be answered is do the Raiders want to have a quarterback (Rodgers) that can win now and maybe a few more years, or a much younger one (Carr) that could easily win now and for several more years as the defense improves?
    Personally, I think they should stay with Carr for now and the future.

  11. As long as Carr is there…. no playoffs again! Ive said it for yrs now hes a throw the ball away QB.After he got his big money hes went downhill.Ive never been a fan or seen anything close to great.I bleed black and silver but with Carr at QB its not exciting watching them.

  12. Thats why he scored 10pts against the jets and won by a hailmary.Hes throw the ball away QB and ever since his big payday hes been nonexciting.Gruden would’ve replaced him 2yrs ago but since hes coached him at his QB camps since he was like 13 he feels like hes obligated to keep him.Rogers all day!

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