Raiders Late Owner Al Davis Would Trade For Deshaun Watson Immediately

Al Davis (Paul Sakuma/Associated Press)

If you watched ESPN’s 30 For 30: Al Davis vs. the NFL, you will no doubt have been treated to a litany of the late owner’s famous phrases. The documentary, charting the many disputes of Al Davis and then NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle, frequently cut to old footage of Davis espousing the core ideals of the Raiders organization. “Just Win Baby” and “Commitment to Excellence” were of course the common phrases.

Yet, one favorite phrase of Davis may be most apt as a body double, draped in Davis’ infamous white tracksuit, wandered the stands of the new Allegiant Stadium, “The Greatness of the Raiders is in its future.”

The future is now for the Raiders

Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported NFL teams may be interested in trading for Derek Carr. Bonsignore adds that the Raiders quarterback would be a “hot commodity” among teams searching for a new quarterback. This doesn’t mean the Raiders will be moving on from Carr anytime soon.

Instead, of all the things the late Al Davis uttered, none might be as pertinent as the one that states the Raiders’ greatness lies in its future. If this Las Vegas team is serious about its future, they have to make a trade for Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Watson formally asked the Texans’ brass traded him and removed all images of the Texans from his social media. He felt immensely disrespected and devalued when the team disregarded his input in their head coaching search. He favored Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, but the Texans did not even request to interview with him (at least at first). They eventually opted to hire David Culley, a former Ravens assistant.

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Gabriel Martin

Absolutely and categorically disagree with your rationale. And many Raider fans obsession with discussion regarding Receivers, Carr, and other Offensive options to the continued detriment of the defense is old hat and bordering on ridiculous. Carr finished in the top ten this year in almost every statistical category. How about see how he performs with a solid line not continually beleaguered by injuries. By a formidable Defense that isn’t hamstrung by a bad Coordinator who can’t/won’t adapt systems to his players, and has had a weak almost non-existent at times back end for well nigh a decade. Continually trading proven… Read more »


Maybe he would. But that doesn’t make it a good idea. Al made plenty of bonehead moves as a GM, especially later when it seemed that the NFL had passed him by. So let’s look at this “deal”: In exchange for a QB that is a little bit better than your current QB, you double the amount of the salary cap allocated to the QB position, trade away your top draft picks for at least the next two seasons, give this 25 year old diva veto power over key hires for your franchise, and deal with his bitching and moaning… Read more »

Carl S Elftman

Al made a Quarterback trade already. The Snake to Houston for Dan Pastrana ( not spelt right)


This is fucking stupid ! Our defense is the worst in the fucking league and you wanna send 2 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder ! Our defense is still gonna be fucking terrible! Wattson went 4-12 with a better defense than the raiders have . We aren’t going no where unless we bulk up that defense

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